Potty Charts

When my son was potty training I couldn't find any easy, free potty charts online, and certainly none that didn't waste a ton of ink, so I made my own.  Here you go!  No strings, no catches.  Just save the image and you're good to go (literally). First one I made, just for my son, was a nice Cars potty chart.  We ditched the notion of using the named days pretty fast... your 3-year-old will probably talk you out of it too.

I also made this knight potty chart.  Not the best drawings, but our sword loving 3-year-old doesn't notice.

Finally, I made a nature based potty chart. Not really for any of our kids in particular, but I had sketched up the images for our wall art already, and thought it would be cute on a potty chart as well.

I recommend printing the PDF, as those charts came out a lot nicer. To get the best results when you print, choose auto-rotate and scale to fit page. There's also a PDF of markers you can print if you don't have stickers to place on the chart.

If you'd like to see our results with the potty chart, check out our blog post here.

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