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Welcome to my website. Want to know about me and my family?  Well too bad.  Here you go.

A few years old, but good enough.

I'm a mom of three four awesome kids- Eve (9), Eli (7) and Isaac (4).  Eve is a compassionate girlie girl, who cares about people.  She loves to read, and picked up language really quickly as a toddler.  Eli is a critical thinker and passionate about his interests- math, building stuff, legos and video games.  Both Eve and Eli are petite and aren't very aggressive by nature.  Isaac, on the other hand, is our wild man and is more high spirited and adventurous than our other kids.  He has been making huge strides in his language delay, so the last couple year of learning about his personality have been wonderful.  He has quite the sense of humor and absolutely loves Link (post here - he's the protagonist from the Legend of Zelda video game).

Number four is coming this October!  I can't say much, as I don't know much!  It's either a boy or girl, and we'll hopefully have a name for he/she in the first week after it's born :D

I'm married to my wonderful husband, Jon.  It's been....  11 year now.  He's a programmer (app blog posts here and here), occasional adjust professor, aspiring indie game developer... and stay-at-home Dad.  He's not very hands on by nature, but will take the challenge of tackling a DIY project with me.

And I'm Cassie...  I've been working full time as an engineer for over 4 years now.  This is my first full time job, ever! I stayed home with the kids for several years before this.  It's not always easy to try to balance work, kids and my interests... but it's been an interesting ride.

A bit of background about our family -

Jon and I have been friends since 9th grade.  We started dating our senior year, and picked colleges in the same town in rural New York.  We accomplished a lot in those college years.  I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree, Jon a physics degree, we got married just before our sophomore year, and had a baby girl the middle of our junior year.  After we finished up senior year, we relocated to New England, where Jon picked up his Masters in Physics (and a passion for programming) and I stayed home with the kids for a few years.

In those first 6 years of marriage, I really sort of grew into my own person, which actually tends to stray from normal more often than not.  Here are some of the aspect of our life that sort of, define who we are.

One thing I grew into was being "green".  Personally, I see the biggest issue is waste in landfills so I pay a lot off attention to that (although air pollution and energy consumption is up there for me too).  At first I was really hesitant to break the norm, but in the process I found I really liked each of the changes we made, which snowballed until I got called a 'hippie' for the first time :D  A sampling of our efforts:
  • Washclothes instead of paper towels
  • Using cloth diapers
  • Recycling everything we can
  • Supporting a local organic farm through an CSA
And... making smart buying choices.  Not allowing our house to become a "bloated warehouses of stuff".  (Love that quote from The Small House Book).  Buying for quality, but not quantity. Building things ourselves that fit our needs. Stuff like that.

Unfortunately, we were having a hard time trying to find a small home in the location (between family and work) and price we wanted.  After renting for what feels like forever, in 7+ different apartments, we ended up buying a 2000sqft fixer-upper at the max of our price range.  I'm disappointed we weren't able to find a smaller, more affordable house, but were are really happy to finally be settled.  home.

Parenting-wise, we tried to be 'normal' for about the first year with Eve.  Not too long in, we found our own style, which is likely a mix of  'attachment parenting' and SuperNanny.  We co-sleep with our babies for the first year (crib level with and attached to our bed) and love babywearing in my mei tai (post here).  I breastfed exclusively and we waited to introduce solids.  I'm a sucker for a good carseat and practice extending rear-facing/harnessing for our kids.  I have been known to muscle in and install carseats correctly for friends and family...  Other than that, I'd say we fall into the some of the norms of American parenting.

Though I've been a Christian for a long time, I've had to make the choice to make my faith my own in somewhere in my 20s.  I've found that true of many kids that grew up in Christian homes, so we're doing our best to try to keep our kids path to God their own.  We're fairly conservative, bible reading, 'born-again' Christians.  We don't really ascribe to a denomination, but follow what Jesus and the laws the bible express. 

We homeschool our kids (read more here and here).  Eve did public kindergarten for a year, and Isaac preschool for a year, and while we were happy with the school, we weren't completely with the education.  There are so many things about homeschooling we love;  We can let our kids learn at their own pace.  They're able to learn about 'real life' by being in it.  Friendships are made because of common interests and values, not because of who you were sitting next to.  We get to experience the joy of our kids growing and learning.  etc. etc. etc.  I could go on for a while. We still reassess year by year.

Moving on... we don't have cable and our kids mostly watch PBS when they do watch TV.  So many times real life has brought to light that I am so glad we've avoided the influence of commercials on our kids. 

We're a one car family.  We were hoping on becoming a two car family again soon, but after our van fire... we're happy to just have one vehicle again.

And finally  I make stuff.  And fix stuff.  A lot.  My sewing has slowed down a bit since I starting working, but I'm constantly trying to make our sort of torn apart house into a home.  Sometimes I do the art for my husbands video games. I occasionally slip in some 30 rock or random sappy 90's TV show while building, but most of the time, its go go go.

Hopefully you'll find my little piece of the internet helpful (and ignore the grammatical errors and rambling all over the place).  I don't post constantly enough to be a 'real' blogger, but I do want to share my plans for both instruction and inspiration.  Enjoy!


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