Friday, January 1, 2016

Demolishing the walkway

Alright, back to the walkway.  So before we get to anything else, first step was removing the old walkway.

Jon really wanted to have a go at the walkway because he hated it to see what we were working with, so he just went at it with a sledgehammer.

Turns out, it was a thick 4" slab.  You can see there were little slate pieces embedded in it, and we did our best to selvage those.  This progress took several hours...

And we had a lot of walkway to go.

Enter power equipment, stage right.

So we were already expecting we'd need to rent this guy, so it was an easy decision to drop $200 for a day to use it. Compared to the cost of back surgery, seemed like a steal.

To test out it's skills, Jon went and quickly popped out a few stumps from a landscaped area that we had ripped out earlier this year.  Easy peasy.

Then we started on the big area.  The concrete stairs.  It was a big section, so the kids each had a turn with Jon while he worked on coercing the stairs out of there.

This was a family affair, after all.

Once the stairs were out, he dug a hole for the new stairs base material and moved on.

The next sections would be up on the hill, so he took a break from the walkway, and started pulling stumps out of the sinkhole.

News went from good to bad.   While the stumps came out easily, he found an adjoining section that was about 10 food down and 10 foot wide. 

Feeling nervous about even parking the excavator on it, he called it quits.  We're going to have to hire someone to pull out everything on that side of the lawn :(

 Once we were down with the sinkhole, Jon started his way up the hill. He attempted to get to the lower steps, but that proved to be too tippy ( he said see saw the panic on my face and knew to stop, thank goodness) and we moved on.

Once at top, the excavator made quick work of the steps. With a little pounding, he was able to split them in smaller pieces for us to move around.

With that, the demo was complete! While $200 is quite a chunk of change, we were quite happy with the success we had demoing the front walkway.

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