Sunday, August 23, 2015

Our first reveal? Because our Living Room is...

 ... ready to be inspected!  ("Done" seems so final)

So, since this is not-quite-a-reveal, but certainly a goal met, seems fitting to recap and give a GIANT PHOTO OVERLOAD. 

To recap, our plans were to -
  • Build a partition wall - Part 1, Part 2
  • Install recessed lights - Post here
  • Lost of electrical work, New or upgraded switches/outlets, smoke detectors  - TV outlet heremore here
  • Paint the hall, entryway, stairs, living room and kitchen - Post here
  • Install laminate flooring (okay, not in the original plan... but we did it anyway) - Post here
Well, it's clear I don't do a good job documenting our progress in a short, concise way :) Anyway.. without further ado, here's the photo overload of our living room journey.

Here's a view from the office, into the the entryway -
A few months after the move

And from the entry looking out -
Just before construction, last fall
Mid Construction
One of the better views showing our new wall.
Moving in
After painting floors
Framing the wall

Nothing really special done to this side, but the recessed lights, paint, and flooring completely change the feel of the room.

Again, not much of a change.  I centered the clock :D , hung two pictures and made a new TV outlet.

 And just because I can... here's the blow by blow of our living room.
Just a week after moving in
Ripping out the carpet
Painting the floors and giving our room different 'zones' than the previous owners
Recessed lights and partition wall in
All painted (floors going in)
Floors done (office desk waiting on outlets to be added or moved)

And the quick side by side  top by bottom, here's what I'm considering the official before, to our after.
Phew.  Still have time to get that 'nursery' ready!  Only two months left!

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