Sunday, August 2, 2015

My 30th!

Last month I turned the big 3-0.  I wasn't planning on going into my birthday with any resolutions, but I came out of it with one.

For my birthday, I had a few simple requests.  I didn't want a party and I wanted to be able to see the outdoors. Both are fairly reasonable.  I've been having heightened anxiety with this pregnancy, and I really didn't want to push it by being around people.  And I actually enjoy the outdoors quite a bit, but I never seem to have enough time ( or willingness) to get out. 

Trouble was, I was 6 months pregnant, and getting too hot or walking far was not an option.  So, we went to a state park with a lake, a beach... and a canoe rental.  Canoeing seemed like the perfect fit.  No walking, nice and cool (we went after swimming on the beach), and we got to explore the lake some.  I don't recall canoeing like this before, but perhaps I did in my teen years...  It was really enjoyable.  We had our lunch in the canoe, and then explored the shore some. 

The kids did great in the canoe. No rocking, no fights... but at one point Isaac really had to go potty.  Looked like we were going to cut our adventure short, when we saw a giant rock we wanted to explore first.  We docked next to.. and funny enough, it was just 50 ft from a state park bathroom!   The adventure got to continue!

Back to the reason I'm sharing this.  Why in the world have I never done this before?  This sort of thing I've put on the back burner, partially for the sake of putting my own wants aside for my family, partially because of my anxiety.

No more.

I want my thirties to reflect the things that I know I enjoy and want to experience. Hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, canoeing, camping, archery, bonfires, art and fun.  We're gonna do it.  And despite being pregnant,  I'm already starting.   These pictures were actually taken on my second canoe ride this summer :)

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