Friday, August 21, 2015

Coat hooks and Transitions

We're just about ready for the kind of-sort-of living room "reveal"... but first, lets tie up some loose ends from this post.  Remember these coat hooks?  They needed a little work, as I got them at a garage sale for cheap.

They got a sanding and spray painting..

 and finally hung up!  Just what our entry needed!

And recall these transitions I had had made for both the entryway and the hallway? 

After giving it a dry run, I did decide to cut down the height about 1/8" from the picture above. It hurt our arches just a little too much. It was a tricky little task to lower them at this point, requiring a router and hand planer, but it worked better than I had expected.

Once they were cut down, I stained them.  Boy did the maple not like that stain.  It turned out so blotchy.   Thankfully, we have 'rustic' laminate flooring, and it blends right in.

Here's the hallway...

... and the entryway.

While I wasn't really planning on putting time into making them originally when I installed the floor, I'm glad I did.  It does make the room look so much better than the rough edges we had before.

Once they were in, we could finally build up the trim around our new partition wall.... the last step!  I'll spare you the details, and it's just your typical trimming.

Once the trim was in, the holes got filled, the joints caulked, and all the trim a final coat of paint.

Almost ready for that inspection....

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