Friday, July 3, 2015

The Computer Desk That is NEVER Finished

I realize I haven't updated the blog on our office space in a while.  A lot of little details have been wrapped up.  Here's where we left off.  Note the cords, router and lack of shelves:

Last December I added a few stragically placed holes for wires in the desk.  That way our desk could sit flush against the wall, like it is actually a built in.

 Then I threaded the cords through the hole ...

And over to the computer.  I stapled some hook and loop cord wraps to keep the cords behind the wood support.  Since we moved the telephone jack from behind the bookcase, we were able to settle on a spot for the wireless router.  I screwed that to the underside of the desk while I was cleaning up the desk area.

Here it is about a month ago.   The our cords/router were looking better (in that you can't see them under the desk) and it did actually make a big difference... despite the overflow of clutter.

A big part of the clutter was stuff I brought downstairs that was taking up space on my bedroom floor.  This was *after* sorting.  I also added some baskets and the one shelf I finished. Plus I took care of the cord mess inside the shelving unit by mounting some power strips and using zip ties. Plus we installed a KVM switch, so we could swap between windows computer and the mac easily.  It's what every app developer dreams of, right?

I think that was all done around late winter, just before I was too pregnant-sick to do anything else.

 Anyway, now you're up to date to about a month ago.  So with the second trimester burst of energy, I did some more woodworking.  I added in two shelves, one upper and one lower. Makes a huge difference in the ability to actually use the baskets and storage we wanted to.  Way cleaner looking. 

The other big addition was that of a printer shelf. Not a huge deal, but it makes our life a little easier.

Pull out the shelf, and...  

 ...we can actually use our scanner.  It really helps with things like making electronic versions of our paper files (there's an autofeed on this model) and copies of homeschool stuff.

That's the update.  Still to do:
     Make 2 pull-out, flip down keyboard drawers (not looking forward to those hinges)
     Make a little paper divider for the stacked papers we store in there
     Buy and install doors 
     Install molding to give it the "built in" look

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