Friday, June 12, 2015

Landscape and Gardening!

So one thing I mentioned in my summer house list was my desire to have a raised garden bed. 

Skip a few steps.. and here it is!

Okay, so this was one of the easiest builds ever.  I did the construction with a little bit of Jon's help, but it was pretty easy, even for my pregnant self.  Isn't the second trimester great?

It probably took Jon more work to dig the hole for it (I wanted it recessed a little), than it did for me to slap it together.

I used white cedar from Lowes.  Six 1"x 6"x 8's and one 2"x4" for about... $50, I think.  Plus I sealed it with Thomson's water seal.  I put down some landscape fabric and topped with a little bit of our dirt to hold it down.

We weren't completely sure of the "best" location, but over by the apple trees seemed fitting enough.  The tomatoes that grew from our compost (around the apple trees) seemed to like the spot well enough.  We can always move it if we don't like it there.

We borrowed my parents SUV/wagon and hauled some topsoil from a local place.  It was a good experience in that we learned 1) Wagon's can't haul much.  We could only do 1/2 cu yard at a time. and 2) We're going to hire a delivery truck for our future landscape needs over 1 cu yard or outside of 'local'.

 We used a few tarps to make the transition easier.  While they did help a lot, it was still a bit of work.

And that's about it for the garden bed!

Onto other gardening endeavors, last year we bought these pretty floxes...  um I think that's what they are.  Really though, I just wanted a perennial flower that smelled good and looked pretty.  These were great! 
Sort of.

Funny enough, we bought two, but a random neighborhood cat pooped right in the middle of the the right side flowers just after we transplanted them last year and kill them.  Weird, right?  In a stroke of genius my husband ripped off some of the good plant last fall and stuck them in the right pot.

They took! It's so funny how easily that worked.

I also mulched the front area.  Seems like getting bags during Lowe's labor day sale is the way to go.  We can just load a cubic yard in our van (we needed to mulch the front of the house too), and the price was cheaper than buying in bulk.

 We also added in the a few more plants to the front garden area from around the lawn.  

Actually, if you payed close attention to far away picture with the truck, you'll notice a few things.  We've actually destroyed a 'garden' around the rock in front of my raised garden bend.  It had some small trees and, well a bunch of stuff we never really payed attention to.  It was sort of an odd placement for us, and more than we wanted to manage.  I'm more of a veggie grower anyway.  Jon wants that rock out of there someday too.

But we were resourceful, in that we took some of those nicer looking plants over to the mulch area.

Also, you can see two other projects we're working towards. 

One, is that Jon found more lawn to dig up :(  There was a bunch of roots and stumps buried in the lawn that was causing the grass to grow a little weird.  So Jon made it a big pile of dirt instead.  I'm not sure I understand him.  At somepoint though, we will be getting a quote from a drainage specialist and then backhoe. And then he can dig to his hearts desire and we can have a plan for drainage.  And then put grass on it.  And mow it and dig it up anymore.  That's my goal at least

Two, you can see our collection of pavers.  We decided, at least somewhat, the direction we want to go with our walkway.  Again, we're waiting on a backhoe to help us do some of the dirty work.

Well, enough with the lawnwork.  Hoping we can get some of these projects done!

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