Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kitchen Faucet

As I mentioned last time, our sink was a hot mess - the handle stuck and it sprayed all over the place.  It's been like this since we bought the house, and I could not for the life of me find an aerator that fit.

Fast forward almost two years, and now that more of our big ticket items have been checked off the list, it was time for a treat.  Thanks tax return!

Jon and I agreed on the styling - clean lines and a horizontal handle.  After some online shopping, we had our eyes set on the "bar version" of this faucet.  At around $250, it wasn't cheap.

And this particular one came in a touchless version as well, for a steep $350.  Yet, after watching their commercial...  they may have just swayed me.  Maybe it's my weird humor, or maybe it just caught me off guard actually looking for a faucet... but that's good stuff.
Anyway, we decided on the bar size after checking out how faucets looked at real sinks (no one saw me measure the sink at work, right??) and online.  We decided 18" was just way too tall for our kitchen.

But, we took a trip to local stores to check what was available anyway, and how sizes compare in person.  Just as we were about to leave Home Depot, we spotted a clearance stack of faucets behind a display.  Long story short, for $119 we came home with a Glacier Bay Invee faucet, which was the correct size, the style we wanted and half the price we planned on paying. The brand was less reputable, but after looking over reviews, and double checking it's return policy, we decided it was worth the savings to just try it.

We're going to jump along here, because, well no one want to see a whole lot of butt pictures, and well, I didn't take any.  Every sink set up is different, but thankfully we were able to fight the uninstall enough, and didn't require any extra trips to the store mid-install.

Compared to the removal of the old faucet, putting in the new faucet was a breeze.  It came with some sort of top mounting, clamp down thing... and it was super easy.  Good job, Glacier Bay!

We turned on the water, checked for leaks and gave it a go.  Amazingly enough, everything worked first try! And it was AMAZING.  We all clambered around it, like it was the most novel thing we've ever seen.

 Well it was pretty amazing to go from this...

...to this.

In just one afternoon.

Part of me wishes we had done it sooner, but part of me is proud of myself for not jumping to cosmetic changes and spend our time and money on the real issues.  We'll get there.  Baby steps.

Before I wrap it up, I made one more sink-related change that afternoon.

 Under the sink was a little gross, a little moldy, and little bit unusable for storage.  Something must have leaked a while ago.  Jon cleaned up the mold with my goto vinegar/borax mixture and I cut some vinyl flooring.  Actually...

...I can't remember if I blogged about it, but before had our laminate floors in, our wheels were digging up the plywood.  We decided to buy a sheet of thick vinyl floor  to use as our custom wheel mat.  It did keep the plywood from getting damaged, and it works just as well protecting our laminate floors.  It was a great idea, costing less than $20 and requiring only scissors to finish.

Anyway, it left me with a fair amount of scrap in our basement, and under the sinks seemed like a great place to use some up.

I cut it over sized, to create a sort of bin.  That worked well.  I was also a little concerned about the drips running down the pipes... so in keeping it classy... I just used duct tape.   I might look up a real solution at some point.  Maybe even some craft foam (and clear duct tape) would do better?

Either way, we have a useable, not cringe worthy, storage area! Yay!

Well, that, and a sweet faucet.

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