Sunday, April 19, 2015

Big Updates & Little Updates

That was a long winter.  Lots of snow in a fairly short time period.  It didn't even come close to melting in time for Easter this year.  We did have manage to sneak some fun sliding on our pond early on, but unfortunately, most of the time this winter was spent indoors.

At one point, part of our deck was about 4' tall.  The photo below was taken from my height (a whopping 5' feet).

And some of those blizzards were super blustery. They even shut down my work for a day, which was  the first time ever in my company.  That particular storm we had a foot of snow... on our covered porch.  A lot more than that elsewhere :)

Coincidentally, we decided it was the year to buy a snowblower!  Jon wanted an electric snowblower, citing it's lighter weight, ease to maintain, and lower cost.  I knew a gas snowblower lasts years, can clear just about any snow and is way more powerful.  Jon is the one actually doing the snowblowing... so he won.

So while the one we got was really cheap with a price tag of $154... but we found the real expense came with the extension cords. Sticker shock when I went to the store and saw they were $85 for the correct gauge @ 100ft.  And we needed two :(  Thankfully, Amazon came through again and we were about to pick up two cords, each for  $55.  So we spent $110 on the cords, and $44 more on the blower.  Thankfully, we can use those cords for the electric lawnmower and electric weed-wacker too.  (See a pattern yet?)

Anyway!  Enough snow!  On to the real updates!

We'll start off with the BIG updates...  that way I'll have an excuse later for the little updates.  First off, we've released our Tangible Math app!  It's taken a long, long time, but we're happy to have it out.

It's pretty exciting and we've heard good things from a few teachers and homeschoolers who have previewed or bought it right out.  Very encouraging. No reviews yet, so we're anxiously awaiting for a few good ones to show up

It's available for purchase on iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook, or any other Android device.  And you can find out more about the app here and here.

Second BIG update... which is a actually a 'little' big update...  we're going to be adding a new family member in a few months!  Also fairly exciting.

Okay... it's more exciting than the app, but it's more the point of the rest of the post so it came second.
Like with my other kids, I expected a tough first trimester.  So in the two weeks between finding out I was pregnant and having any symptoms hit, I tried to get as much house stuff as I could done.  Which was mostly mudding and painting. 

So onto the little updates. We mudded/painting the upstairs and downstairs halls, the new closet stairs, and some trim.

And then symptoms hit.  It was a rough first trimester.  I counted about 20 symptoms, some minor and some completely debilitating.  Nausea and vomiting top the list, but weakness (often not being able to stand) and low energy were pretty tough to contend with as well. 

It was a hard two+ months of pretty much doing nothing except feeling sick, going to work and sleeping.  Pretty much no work got done on the house at all.

However, as my second trimester approached, I started getting some (not much) energy back. And now that I'm about 15 weeks, most of my energy is back, and my sick feelings are almost completely gone.  Yay!

So, here's where I'm at now with our last big house project.  The closest (and hall) have been painted, and the electrical plates installed.  The shelves we were able to cut to size and get hung up a few weeks ago when I felt okay enough to sit and work on a ladder.  I just got the door installed yesterday.

So what's left for the closet? The inside molding needed one side cut down to fit - I just left the other side waiting inside uninstalled, as you can see below.  Then the door needs to be painted, the hindges/doorknob spray painted, and the molding caulked and painted.  And that would be it for the new closet!

Eve's room still needs quite a bit more, as I haven't touched it at all.  This side needs it's final sanding, priming, painting, door, etc, etc.  Still not that far off.

This side still needs even more, as we have at least another coat of mud, as well as... well, everything else.  But we're making progress again, and that in itself feels great.

In other, random house news, we decided to pull out the rails on the windows in our sunroom.  Well, sort of decided.  One side wasn't adhered well, and Isaac accidentally bumped into and it fell out.... and we decided to leave it out to see if we liked it. And well, we do. A lot.

So Jon went through and pulled all of the rails on the windows.  It really makes the room feel more open to the outdoors and less... claustrophobic.  I'm happy with the change.  Not sure what to do with the rails though.
So that is what is up with our family.  It'll be a big change, and I'm hoping we can feel a bit more settled when it's baby time :)  Time to get working!

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