Sunday, December 14, 2014


Oh, I have been waiting for this day...  We moved in well over a year ago, and haven't put one brush stroke of paint downstairs since that day.  It's not that we haven't wanted to...  we actually really dislike the bland, sometimes gross colors that cover much of the downstairs.

Add that into wanting to make our new wall blended in and part of the room and I was SOoooo excited to paint.

Picking colors was a PAIN IN THE BUTT.  I love blue, but I'm not sure I could live with seeing it everywhere...  I couldn't really come up with any other good color that wasn't just light cream... so we went with blue.  We ended up color matching Cumulus Cotton by Benjamin More at Home Depot, using the Behr Ultra Paint.

So, here's what we started from, just after installing our recessed lights and putting in a new wall (part 1 part 2).

We decided to split up the painting into four sections - livingroom behind couch, livingroom behind TV, unobstructed-office, and behind the bookcases/desk-office.  We still needed to be able to pass through (and use) this room during the day, so we had to paint two coats at night so the next morning that section would be finished and we could move onto the next section.  First off, we did the livingroom part.

Painting was pretty easy. I cut in, Jon does the rolling.  Things are still looking kinda hazy, but I've learned to be patient and wait until the whole room has fully coated is done and the paint is dry.  Still, I won't lie - I was a little nervous about the color.

Before we get to Livingroom section #2 behind the TV. I'm gonna step back a little.  We always do the typical prep before painting - cleaning walls and filling holes.  This time though, I used my new found electrical wiring skills to do something with our outlets. As it stands, we don't have very many outlets in our livingroom and the cord from the TV always bugged me.

So, I made a bunch more holes in the wall - right height behind the baskets area of the TV stand so that the TV could be pushed flush with the wall.  One is power, one is coax.

It wasn't too bad, and muddling was pretty simple too.

Attentive parenting kinda gets put aside when it's time to work on the house.  Isaac came back down after we put him to bed.  He was so cute reading there while we painted... we just let bedtime slide.

Back to painting... once the mud was in and dry we painted the first coat behind the TV.   You can see in the picture toyed with different hues at this point.  In the end I decided to stick out our paint choice. 

So something fun happened here.  Jon got very sick.  A high fever, cough, runny nose, and super super tired.  I pretty much just felt tired, not hungry, and had a headache. 

So, the next day, while Jon rested, despite my headache, I finished up the last coat by myself and put the plugs in.  So incredibly nice to see those white outlets.

And have them plugged in and working.

At this point, I too decided to take a couple day break from house work as well.  I so wanted to paint... but I decided I should get the extra rest my body was begging for, take care of the kids and let Jon sleep too.

A few days later, it was Saturday again, and I was feeling much better.  Jon was still battling a high fever, so at this point I called it.  We had the flu.  I get the flu shot every year...  Jon doesn't.   Jon spend the weekend resting, and I decided to take on what I could with the kids help.

Jon and I painted the new wall and office section without snapping any pictures.  He had to bail feeling too sick, after the first wall section though.  I was able to wrap it up fine, though slower. Second coat was by myself as well, so it was slow going again.

That left us with just one section of wall to paint, and unfortunately it's behind all our stuff.  The kids helped so much, which was AWESOME ...but moving the computer, the pieces of the desk, and all those books and bookshelves was no easy task.

Since I was moving them out of the room, I decided it was time to prime the hall too

And now we have the weirdest entryway ever.  "Ah, may I take your coats, hat... books?"

But several, several hours later, I was all ready to put on the first coat, and head to bed, back sore and ready to be done moving furniture by myself.

The next day, this little mini-me helped me finish up the second coat. 

And for one of those terrible, anti-climatic endings, that's all you get.  You can see the pictures of the finished paint... in the next post :D

Big things coming.  I've been holding out on you.

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