Monday, November 24, 2014

It's a dry-wall-er

We were super excited to pass the rough in inspection, not just because it meant we didn't have to redo any electrical work, but because it meant we could finally put drywall up...and maybe have power in our house again.

We we able to get all of the downstairs drywall and some of the upstairs drywall done in one Saturday.  Before we started dry-walling though, we made a last minute upgrade, and put in one extra outlet under the light switch.  It's seemed necessary since we're viewing this as a separate office now.

Once the wall was filled in, it matched our vision perfectly.  Just a little something to pull back some of that awkward floor space that was left unusable, but still trying to keep the layout open.
The entry side though, was a different story. This is how it was when we started this project:

And here it is now... We knew we wanted the walls to expand the more mudroom wall space and framing out an area for built in coat storage.  We also knew that closing it off would make the entry feel smaller.... and it did.  Tons Smaller.  With time, we expected to get used to it... but boy does it feel unsettling to make a change, and just go.. ehhh... we sure we like this?

Here's a side by side showing the loss of our lovely open concept.  One thing that Jon pointed out was that the light fixture in the entry seemed a little off center in now... Which actually reminded me - Someday, when we put in our real, hardwood floors, we'll be redoing the stair railing to have balusters... which will both make the room feel bigger and the make that light more centered (it's center of the room, including the stairs).  That should help some.

Once all the drywall was up, we let our kids have a field day drawing all over it.  We're strict on coloring on the walls (apartment dwellers for 8 years!), it was nice to let up a bit.

Upstairs, we got the closet all framed in, but wasn't able to finish up Eve's room.  Still, feels like great progress!

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