Thursday, November 6, 2014

Let there be light!

 As mentioned in my planning post, we wanted to put a window in the end of Eve's room, because it gets so little light.  Well, we have.  And even though it's been in for about a month, I'm still surprised at how much light there is every time I walk in there.

There's actually been such a hiatus because, well, 1) when there's work to be done I don't post... 2) we're not done yet and 3) we haven't had power in the living room for a while.  I'm actually running the computer off the extension cord right now.

I'm gong to keep it short, but here's the gist.  We realized we needed an electrical permit... so we've actually added on a fair amount of electrical work (in the rooms we were already working on) to our other plans.  So that's the big reason why this 'simple' project isn't done yet, and why I haven't had any time to post.

Enough updates, back to the window. So the process was simple  Cut hole.  Remove insulation. Move outlet.  Frame wall.

Now it was time to cut a hole in the sheathing and put this guy in it.  We were so happy to unbox the window see how big it was (It's actually the same size as the boys one we put in on that same side).  It's been hanging out in our basement since we bought the other windows for our house and we cannot wait until there are no more windows in boxes waiting in our basement.

As we've done before, we set up the pump jacks.  Jon started by digging holes for the bottom of the posts.  We saved the platform and poles in our basement from last time, so it was an easy set up.

...besides the whole 'height' thing.

We were able to successfully put the first pole up, and had Eli try it out for us.

Not to be outdone by Jon, I put the second pole up.  We braced the bottom and got the platform on.  Note, we didn't put in the lower set of  braces, like we did last time (above the door line).  We should have.  It make the experience much more stable, and less...harrowing.

If you're wondering more about pump jacks, you can check out my post here.  We did make a video though, to help clarify how they actually work.  We're a little rusty using them right off the bat, but we get there.

So there's a little lapse in pictures, but we got the platform up to the top and I pulled siding off while Jon started to cut out the board with our oscillating flush-cut tool.  He made sure not to push the tool through until I had the siding off and house wrap removed.  In case you're wondering, Jon had driven some nails into each corner so I could find where I needed to remove the housewrap... and so we could hear eachother better he made a small hole ... which I later found out was a tri-force :)  Such a gamer.
Once Jon got to the last cut, I hopped down, got the kids and we all watched the light come in. 

Moment of anticipation...

And it's out!

Of course it had turned to dusk by the time we had taken the wall out... but the effect was still pretty big.

So after a quick post to Facebook (hey, I was excited!) we started getting that window in.  It was a gorgeous fall day, and it smelled so crisp and cold... but that's not really great when your paying to heat your house...

After doing an install this many times, we were able to wrap it up pretty fast.  I got the housewrap, flashing and shimming all ready (while Jon made dinner).  After we ate, we put the window in.  We've found it works best if Jon stays outside and screws it all in, and I stay inside and shim.

Movie magic, and it's done.

That's pretty much it.  Now it has to sit in this state until our rough in inspection. We are loving how much light we get in there.
(Whoops, didn't have a daylight 'after' picture.  Took this today, so it skips ahead a few steps...)

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