Sunday, November 2, 2014

Framed Closet

As usual, when I get to working on stuff, I don't get around to posting as I go.  So back in the beginning of October, we started with the first on our current remodels to-do list - moving Eve's door and framing the closet.  It actually went surprisingly fast.... with just a little snag.

We started here, long room, with an offset entry.

Once the room was clear, we started by killing the power for both the "lights" circuit, and the "Bedroom 1 & 2" circuit.  Then we removed Eve's door and door frame carefully, which came out well enough that we can reuse it for the new opening.

Then the real demo began, and we started carefully taking out sections of drywall... which the reality set in on how many stinking outlets we would have to remove... along with the disappointment when we saw there was one cord passing through from the attic to the floor below (to what...?) which we now had to relocate.

We pressed on anyway, and documenting as much as we could about the wires, started taking out more studs and more drywall.

Pulling out some more wires and drywall and the form really started changing for the better.

Once most of the drywall was out, I started building up the edge of the right side of the new door. The two flat 2x4's were existing (for the edge between the boys room and hallway).    I kept the other side of the drywall in, so we could cut it flush to the framing when it was done.

But before we could go further framing any more of the closet or the new door, we really had to get that mystery wire figured out and moved.  We traced the attic side of the wire to the 2nd floor smoke alarm, in the hallway right here. We disconnected that side to help with the demo (it's laying on the floor in the pictures above).  Since those smoke alarms are way old, and getting replaced with this build anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal.  We had a few guesses to the other side, and it turns we were right.  It goes the first floor smoke alarm, then the basement smoke alarm, where the circuit ends.

Still we were tasked with moving the stupid thing from red arrow 'A' to red arrow 'B'.  We decided the best option was putting it in the little gap between the doors.  To do that, we did have to cut two small holes the popcorn ceiling below to pull out a staple and fish for the wire.  A little bit of a bummer, but I did save the cut ceiling piece. Hopefully we can get the ceiling looking seamless again.

Once the wire was all sorted out, we could get framing again.  We removed the rest of the drywall on the hall side, really opening up the place.  Then I was able to quick throw up the other side of the closet door.

And then frame up the other side of Eve's room door.  You can see our "mystery wire" running up the center pillar now.  It's still not connected in the attic, but it's progress!  (Note, it is stapled to the side, but we later moved it to the center per an electrician's recommendations.  It gives a little more clearance when screwing up the drywall).

With that little section in the walls are really coming together.  All that's left is the wall between the closet and Eve's room.

Didn't take much at all.  I chose to add in an extra stud to one side for a closet receptacle (up high for a dustbuster) and switch for a closet light.

It took us about 6 days to do this much, which wasn't bad at all considering most of that was during the work week.

But the demo got us to thinking... the amount of electrical we needed just to move what was in the current door, seemed to warrant a permit. Jon called, and it did indeed require an electrical permit - they had forget to tell us when we got the building permit. And since we needed a permit (at no extra cost), we did decide to add on to our load a lot more than originally intended (also at no extra cost), like closet light and outlet I mentioned above.... as well as a few other things that we were still deciding on.  That's really where we start getting into time delays... but I won't get ahead of myself, and end with the nice quick build!  Yay progress!

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