Saturday, October 4, 2014

Windows, Closets and Walls, Oh My!

Two firsts here 1) this will be my first post made entirely on the Kindle 2) this is the first project we're doing that we've gotten a permit for.

So, while we had made big progress last year making the kids rooms and their windows to be rot free, sealed and weather tight, we still had one big lingering addition.  Eve's room is super dark and the only window she has is in a small dormer.  We decided before we even bought the house that we would want to install another window.

..which requires a permit.  I know, most people would skip the permit, but after seeing the shoddy work that DIYers have done in this house already, we decided to treat this as an opportunity for us to expand our knowledge-base (yes, I know, we may eat our words later after we fail an inspection).  Especially since we had been blinded by the windows with the whole 'egress' window thing. and not a big restriction.

To be honest, I was already 80% sure I'll do a fine job with the window.  We've already done so many replacement windows, this won't be that big an undertaking.  In fact with no dry rot (I hope), it should be pretty darn easy. And after talking to the inspector briefly one day (we were at the town clerk already), he helped me confirm that structurally, we're just fine.  Closer to 100% confidence now.

He was super nice, and I'm really glad we stopped in to talk to him.  He alleviated our fears and he won't go through our existing house and make us fix code violations, just because he sees them (think 'deck').  Of course, he will point out problems he sees if they look life threatening.  He also confirmed that we do need a permit for a new window install. Basically, if it's a replacement _______ we don't need a permit, if it's a new _______, we do.  It pretty much applies to anything.  Replacement floor, no permit.  Replacement deck board, no permit.  New outlet, permit.  New deck, permit.  It's an over-generalization, of course, but it simplifies it.  He was also really knowledgeable (of course) and it was really nice to ask an expert a question without being charged (well not directly charged) or questioning his judgement.

So...  we decided to apply. We got our permit Thursday, and tonight we moved Eve out of her room.  The window will be in the gable end at the end of the picture above, and will be about three stories up, so we'll have to get out those pump jacks again.  Looks like rain this weekend though...

But, since the minimum cost for a permit is $50, we decided it would be best to tag on other stuff that we would wanted to do that falls under the 'new' category. So, we'll be adding a linen closet and a partition wall on the same build.  I'm actually really glad he'll be around to look at those, because we're new to that kind stuff.  Especially since we'll have nine outlets/switches to relocate. The linen closet will go where her door is now, and her door will scoot over a bit on the wall.  Won't be a huge closet, but it will help. So, if it does rain all weekend, we'll be able to at least do that.

So Eve is back to being bunked with her brothers.  And Eli's cool robots now have a new bunk-mate as well.  Should be another fun adventure!

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