Sunday, October 5, 2014

Plans For the Current Demo

I'm going to throw down some floorplans, to expand my last post a little bit. 

I didn't bother drawing up the other side of the house.  Yes, there is a second dormer to balance it all out.
Eve's room is the one in the lower right corner.  It's a really long, spacious room, and most of its width is sloped.  Despite it's big size, the layout has make it super tough to figure out what should go where.  There's baseboard along the two front walls, so it's not easy to put furniture over there. Yet, because of the slope of the ceiling in that area, that would be the best place to put furniture.  I would actually absolutely love to have radiant floor heating in our house, especially because of Eve's room.  It would open up a lot of possibilities for where we could stick her bed/dresser and not take up valuable head space.  Maybe someday it could be done.  The carpet is trashed and we do want to put in hardwood someday... anyway...

The other thing that makes it tough is that the opening for the door is an immediate turn.  It makes the room feel even longer and sort of forces the flow of traffic right across the other real option for a wall that can hold furniture.  This is all hypothetical of course because... well, Eve still doesn't have almost any furniture other than a bed.  So pair that with our desire to have more storage space and we knew we had some renovation on our hands.

I mentioned the desire for more window light in the last post, so I won't recap.  However here are some pictures illustrating how dark it feels, even during brightest parts of the day (11am to be specific).
 So here's the new plan.  It seems simple enough on paper.

In reality, it gets complicated. I'm learning a whole new world of electricity.  I both got a book at the library, and got one at the Lowes (same book, different editions actually) and read it front to back.  I liked it enough, that I thought it was worth owning the current version.  I've got a good feel for it now...but..  not all electrical questions can be answered in one book.  It's easier than the Electrical Engineering course I had to take in college, at least.

But anyway...  currently all ceiling lights in the house, like the kitchen and dining room (thanks to that hall light switch) and the boys room also have no power. Plus, thanks to some poor electrical work outside (about to fix today, hopefully) our GFCI trips when it rains.  So no outlets in the bathrooms either.  So we're going to try to kick all this out faster than usual, so we can get our rough inspection done and get our power back.

In the meantime, our little monkeys have free reign to make lots of messes while we work (course, they don't know that just yet).

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