Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Table for Two!

Well... kinda.  It's really more table for two purposes than it is two people.  Although if we work it right, I'm sure we can fit a two+ people around it.  Right.  What am I talking about, you ask?  The new office space I'm trying to dig out of our large, oddly shaped living room!

We left off with a half done storage tower and a mostly finished table and under cabinet.  Now we can welcome Thing 1 & Thing 2 Monitor 1 and Monitor 2!  My company was having a computer sale and we were able to pick up two monitors for $25 each.  Both of the monitors we currently own we found a the dump for free, and both have had a few problems with them (as well as not being able to use them together as dual monitors).  I've been dying to put in dual monitors since... well since I had these exact models at work three years ago....  which work has since replaced with some insanity large monitors about 2 years ago.  Wonderful for work, but overkill for home. Still dual monitors help with productivity, even at home, sooooooooooo much. 

Also awesome, we figured we'd have to order a new graphics card to use dual monitors. Jon looked up our current cards specs and  found out that the card can handle two monitors for only one instance - with one VGA monitor and and one DVI monitor.  And lucky us, these monitors can be hooked up as either DVI or VGA.  I don't think I could have planned it better. Added bonus, the monitors have USB ports on the side, making our computer way more awesome, because our older case only has USB plugs in the back, and it was always a pain to plug them in.

Add in a new mouse (Target coupon + sale + carthwheel = cheap!) with buttons that click consistently and our computer set up has been the best it's been in years!

Back to building stuff...
Look closely and you can see I screwed one on upside down!  Whoops!
 So the original plan was have an extension table as well as the table above.  An 'L' shaped desk really, with one corner holding the cabinet.  I could have done a way better job at the seam if I had constructed them together, but I wanted the extension to be removable if we needed the long living room space.

I won't go into too much, but making the table base was a lot of pocket screws. I'm slowly learning woodworking patience and I'm pre-painting before assembly now.  I guess I'm getting all learn-ed.

So there we go!  An L shaped extension table.  Notice the lack of storage tower.  That's getting its finishing work done on it.

Notice the two openings at the edge.  Once I order the slides, I'll be putting in two drawers.

This one will eventually hold the keyboard and the mouse.

All ready for some work!

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