Monday, September 22, 2014

Mo' Storage!

I'm doing a terrible job at taking good pictures of this project, but when I get each section finished useable, I can't help but share right away.  When I get the drawers and shelves in, I'll take nicer one.

So, that last piece of the office stand puzzle is in.  I did have this 3rd part showing in this post, but it wasn't painted and the bookshelf side wasn't done.

But here it is, as I was envisioning it.  As I've said before, I wanted to have one side devoted to a desktop and its monitors.  The other side I was hoping to serve as a mostly open place to put our papers to sort and to use as a desk space.  If we buy a laptop again, it would likely be hanging out up top there too.  It'll work great for a nice workspace when I work from home too.  I'm also hoping it will stay clear enough that we can use it for homework and board games.  We'll see how that goes.

Here's a closeup of the tower.  We still have a lot to do to make it look nice.  Now that it's out of basement light, there's a few places I'll want to repaint.  Plus I need to make a drawer for the printer, and buy some cabinent door faces.  I'm not convinced I want one for the middle comparement, but the others are going to have them.  I'll need to make shelves soon too.

Speaking of shelves, I was able to use the shelf pin jig (made by Kreig) to put the holes in.  Worked wonderfully.  I'm so glad I got it as a birthday present from my wonderful husband.  I'd hate to finish the hole project just to ruin it with a bad pin hole.

While I expect the other shelves are going to be put on the backburner for a little bit because of other house repair priorities (windows again??), at least we'll have these shelves to console ourseves with.

As of right now, they're ugly.  They're holding too much of what the drawers/pulls/shelves/etc. are supposed to, but those aren't done yet.  I still find this as great progress.  Our camera bag actually has a place to sit!



We still have a ton to do before I call this project, let alone this space, finished.  But we're at about 70% functional, and I am loving it!

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