Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dark and Handsome Doorknobs

About nine months ago we finished up most of the dirty work on the kids rooms.  Installing windows, dry rot repair, and painting the rooms, trim, doors and molding.  But one surprisingly big standout was spray painting the doorknobs.  I was fairly worried that they wouldn't hold up well with just spray paint, but low and behold, they're doing great!I decided it was about time I try to make our upstairs bathroom significantly nicer.  After seeing the huge improvement updating our home locks, and substantial improvement with the kid's knobs and hinges, I decided to give it another go.

I really thought I had before pictures of the door, but I can't find them.  If I run across them someday, I'll throw them up here.  The inside know was nickle and the outside of it was rusted gold.  The hinges were gold at some point, I'm sure, but by the time we got them they were mostly rust colored. There was a fair amount of paint on all of them.

Nothing super unique to the process.  I scraped off any paint drips on the hinges with a razor blade.  I sanded all the gunk I could off of them, and even on the nicer sides I roughed them up with a high grit sandpaper.  It took a little while, but gave the paint lots of texture for the paint to stick to, and a super nice finish when done.

Then, I jammed them in the same cardboard boxes I used last time.  I use really super light sprays.  I don't want to make any of the mechanical parts sticky, so slow and steady was the way to go.  Probably about 10-15 sprayings in all.

To change gears, I took the time the door was off the hinges to shorten it up a bit.  There was very little gap between the tile and the bottom of the door, and recently, the door had started catching on the tile as it swung. Tightening the screws brought it up a hair, but it was still too close for me to be comfortable with it.  I could see the door was already starting to spread apart just from a few days of real sticking. I didn't want it to get worse.

Nothing that my circular saw and a fisher price clamp can't fix.  Well, I could have most likely done it without the toy clamp sitting on top, but don't tell my 3 year old that.  He did lots of helping with his tools :)

After a day and a half of a missing a bathroom door, we got what we were going for.  It's nothing spectacular to see in these picture, but it's huge to updating the polish of a room.  Even my husband was complimenting the upgrade for days after.

I still have to paint the doors and trim in the bathroom, but we'll get there someday.  It's these little things that add up to make a room look a little bit nicer.

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