Monday, August 18, 2014

A Slightly Better Deck?

Hard to call these improvements, because we know that our deck is going to need a complete overhaul one of these years, and this didn't even touch what we'll have do to it.  Still, these are changes that should help with our pool use for now.... although the weather has been unseasonably cold :(  I hope we'll still have some time in it this year.

Here's a refresher to our deck layout, taken just after we moved in.  Take note of the plastic storage box and pool ladder.

First up, we had a rotted hole in our deck.  It used to be under a plastic storage box with our pool chemicals and pet hornets in it.  But since we moved the storage box to the ground to try to free up some space, we were left with a rotted hole for kids to fall through.  Long story short, a little bit of destruction and I got that rotted board out.

Yay, no more hole.  You can barely see but I actually replaced the stair tread that aligned with this board earlier this spring.  At first I couldn't think of a connection, but I realized when the retractable awning is fully extended it would drip right there.  Mystery solved.  We keep it closed most of the time, unless it's sunny out.  No point in risking it taking up kite status in a thunderstorm (it's almost happened once, even while Jon was actively it trying to roll it up... in a storm).

Next up... a really ugly gate. Money's tight, so I'm just glad this ugly thing was made completely out of scraps.  I had the gate hardware already, so all I needed to by was some supporting braces.

As you may remember from some of our other house pictures, we had an unmobile 'gate' the previous owners had put in.  I decided a 4' foot wide opening to a pool with a two year old in the house was a bad idea.   We decided that it would be best to just detach the rusted broken gate hardware, and turn it back into deck railing.  Insurance required some barrier, so it was win-win.  Kind of.

It meant, of course, to get in the pool you need to... climb the railing.  Everyone.  Us. Grandparents.  Guests.  Guest's Parents.  In bathing suits no less. Everyone.  It made us slightly more hesitant to invite anyone over into the pool.

But, time for a change!  With some kid helpers, we cut the old 'gate' in half...

 attached the gate hardware...
 and installed a new post.
I figured this was a short term solution, so the post isn't at all secured in a long lasting way (ie, up to code).  I bought a post support and screwed it down.  That's pretty much it.  I also decided to reinforce the other post with some L braces, since it had gotten a little wobbly from everyone else climbing on it.  Seems to have done the trick for now.

The last 'fix' we made was to the pool ladder.  While planning the gate, we decided the pool side deck would flow better if we moved it.  Plus, the ladder was unnecessarily taking up the widest place on the deck, which was the only place that  gave us enough room to put in a pair of lounge chairs on that side. So moving it seemed ideal!

I kinda stunk at taking pictures, but it was there....

And now it's here!

So that's it for our recent 'deck' improvements.  Now hopefully the weather warms up enough to use them!

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