Monday, June 9, 2014

PVC Constructon Set

This idea has been brewing in my head for a long time.  My kids are often asking me for extra pieces of wood, or to build projects with them.  And while I do sometimes help them with their grand ideas, often it's too much time or materials to expend for a fleeting project.

 So this was my hope.  Give the kids some kid sized building materials they can build with.  So we made ourselves a PVC construction set. 

My husband talked me into these $12 PVC pipe cutters.  I would have just used a miter saw, and sanded off the burrs, but he wanted something easy.  Wow, these made it easy.  I'd call this one of the easiest DIY projects we've done.

The cutters are really cool too.  They 'rachet' so that it takes little bites at a time..  which means those levers can output a lot of force.  It's awesome. 

I hadn't even finished cutting all the pieces when they started building with it. After drilling a few holes in the pipes it was time to test it out.

 I realize now that I had only taken video when this thing was blasted high.  We have a lever we found in the hose section that attaches the hose to the PVC, so the kids can adjust the water to the height they want.

This was the second water structure.

 And the massive third, using all three of the drilled pieces.

This isn't much on the way of instruction, but we're learning as we go right now.  I'm really hoping for some big construction in our future.  Even on not so hot days :)

And for no other reason than remembering these frog days of summer, here's Eve and her friends.


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