Saturday, March 15, 2014

First Up!

Note: this all happened in waaayyyy back in November.

As I mentioned in the last post, we're in a mad dash to install three windows in a month span before winter hits.  The first window we undertook was the boys room one that was over the sunroom.

It seemed like the easiest one, as we thought there wasn't too much damage, and we could just step out on the roof to work on it.  

Unfortunately, that was not the case.  While it was easy to access the outside of the window, there was a lot of damage.  Damage that spanned past the roof line :(

Once the window was out, we could what was causing all the damage. Like the other windows, there was no flashing.  But this time, there was a cut in the house wrap at the edge of the window, so water went right down the sheathing.  Even worse, there was some flashing there for the roof and that pretty much funneled the water in, trapped it, kept it from ever drying.  So we were left with a lot of dark soggy wood until just under the roof line.

Then we found surprise #2. We never fully pinpointed what kind of eggs these are, but they didn't match any of the images of scary ones.  So we vacuumed them up and moved on.  My guess is they're large ants, since there is a dead large ant in there. (?)

After that, it was back to our usual destruction.

And onto rebuilding...  First we screwed the sheathing on, then put the framing in. 

After the framing was up, quite a bit of care was taken to try to re-flash the roof and that wall together.  Hopefully we were able to pull it off okay.  We put up some new housewrap, taking care to overlap the top sheet over the lower sheets.  We went the extra cautious route, since we're doing so much patching, and used housewrap tape as well.

Like Eve's room, we flashed the bottom sill with 3M tape. We overlapped all the seams like the housewrap, so that water doesn't have any openings.  This article and this video explain with few more details, but the instructions that came with the windows explained it fairly well too.  I would have loved to put in some plastic corners, like Shannon shows, but I couldn't find any available locally.  Instead, I made a bow-tie shaped piece for the corner, placing them just after first piece.

Then, with some movie magic, the window is in!  I couldn't find very much on how to shim a window, so for both this and the last window, we pretty much winged it.

Although the siding and trim aren't even close to done, at this point the window is sealed up enough that we can move on to the next window. Despite the unanticipated challenges, it only took two days from destruction to this point.

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