Thursday, February 27, 2014

Always Packing

I am on a roll kicking posts.  I feel compelled to mention, we actually made this move way back in late October (!!).

When we moved into this house, we knew we had to replace the upstairs windows sooner rather than later to avoid more damage to the walls.  So while we moved our furniture upstairs when we moved in, we didn't really unpack or set up much of anything.  In fact, our basement/garage has been quite the mess overstuffed with both our construction stuff and our house stuff we could live without.

We knew there would be quite a bit of shuffling to get all the windows upstairs replaced, expecting we just displace someone into another bedroom... But we decided to go the crazy route, and do them all at once... which cause a bit of a problem with our sleeping arrangements.  While at this point Eve's room did have a new window in it, it wasn't even close to being finished.  Which leaves us with zero bedrooms for five people.

Thankfully, our dining room is huge  :)

The first thing was to move the table out to our livingroom.

Then we propped the light fixture up a bit with a carabiner, in effort keep Jon's head away from the lightfixture, as he so kindly demonstrated.

Then we started moving anything that was upstairs down.  Thankfully, all 3 beds, 1 crib, and 2 dressers fit!  With no closets, we could use all the wall space, and because of the opening to the kitchen, the ladder to the bunk beds could be right at the corner of the room.  It was actually quite amazing how well everything fit.

I've seen two reactions to our one room living space.  Some people respond with a "Are you crazy??"and some with a "Oh, how cozy.  What an adventure for your kids to remember!".   Thankfully, our family is in of the later mindset (our kids actually like sharing rooms), and it didn't bother us. Honestly it was kind of nice.  I'm big on small ranch - style homes,  (which I couldn't find around here) and our kids prefer to share a room.

To break out of the normal writing style a bit and talk retrospectively-  We ended up sleeping in here for more than 3 months.  We really did enjoy this set up.  It was easy to take care of our kids (especially when they were sick), it was very easy to clean our room and put away clothes.  Our extended family often hung out in here when they came over, and we liked that we could relax and be close to each other during the day.  There were a few downsides of course, especially with no doors.  We couldn't watch TV and pretty much had to stay very quiet until the kids were asleep, which took a lot longer.  Jon and I couldn't escape noise either.  I couldn't go to bed early (until the kids were in bed) and there was no way to separate the noise/light when Jon had a migraine, so I had to keep the kids out of the house until super late.  I couldn't wash dishes or clean the kitchen after they went to bed.  And, the biggest reason we knew wouldn't be a permanent set-up... well, nvm, I'm not spelling it out.  Still, I find myself wandering in there sometimes, wanting to flop down on my bed, only to be disappointed that I'd have to go up to my room to do that.

Once the beds were moved, I was able to pack up my sewing stuff into our closets.

Which left us with a big empty bedroom.

As well as an empty kids room.

So, our upstairs is all ready for a mad dash to install two single windows and one joined window before winter comes.

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