Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ready, Set, Go...

If you recall, I posted our virtual tour just after we moved in.  It was mostly to display the layout of the house, and the livingroom/dining room downstairs didn't have much in it in the way of decorating.  So here's the updated set of images of the downstairs... which still doesn't have much in the way of decorating, but has some furniture in it.  

I took these mostly to serve as the 'before' pictures for whatever we do with the house. Basically, if there were an apartment, this is about how we'd leave it, poorly furnished and decorated.  Thankfully though, it's not an apartment, and I got to doll up the place :)

Originally, we had the couch in the center of the room and the TV stand over on the other side.  After cramming everything in the sunroom to remove the carpet and paint the plywood, we realized we really liked cozier living space. The big room just seemed like a waste of space.


So we decided to split up the living room into two separate spaces. 

 One is the living-room, which is fairly well defined.


The other side is an 'office area' and much less defined.  The opening to the entry area drains a lot of the useable space as well.

We're still not sure what the plan is for the sunroom.  We're currently using it a playroom, but it may evolve to be a book/game/guest room.  We'll see how that goes.

The dining room is nice, but still quite a bit bare for the large space it is.

And there we go.  I'm hoping by about two years from now we can get these spaces to look a lot more grown up.

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