Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cleaning out the closet.

But not in the typical sense.

Although it's not super noticeable in these pictures, the tile job in the downstairs bathroom is pretty bad.  What makes it worse, is there is ugly black grout to highlight the uneven seams shoddy job.  Someday that will change.

But the worse section by far is the closet.  It's lined with broken tiles and a big pile of dried on... um tile glue stuff.  Um. Yeah, I'm sure that's the name.  Cut me some slack, I'm tired.

I didn't snap a good before pick, but there was a a big 1/2" thick mound of sludge, which prevented me from putting anything on the closet floor, thus rendering a large part of one of the two closet we have for storage as useless.  So of course, out of the blue one day I started tearing it up.

After about an hour or so, I chiseled/screwdrivered up a lot.

Then it was down to a mix of scrubbing, chiseling and more scrubbing.

But finally!  I have closet space again!

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