Sunday, December 29, 2013

We meet again in 2013!

So.... it's been a crazy year.  I've had a rough last couple months, which has led me to be a little slower both with projects and behind with life stuff in general.  But I'm really behind posting, so we press on.

Eve's room.  I've put it off for a little while a whopping two months, and now there's no avoiding it.  I really want to bring us up to the current times.  I'm gonna condense it as much as I can, but we had so much to do, and there are so many pictures....  Get ready   It's gonna be HUGE! (Billy Fuccillo fans rejoice!) 

So the background - We knew we had window repair when we moved in. We did not expect the extensive dormer repair we needed to do though.  The last time we saw Eve's room was in this post here and we alluded to it here as well.   We found that the floor in corner of the dormer in Eve's room was spongy and slightly black the day before we started to move in.  We figured it would be best to wait to put anything in Eve's room while we assessed the damage more.

 The pictures above show the initial stages of 'discovery'.  We found that there was lot of dry rot as well as some large patches of mold.  The wood was actually crumbling in some spots.
A large portion of the wall and floor were damaged.  Jon took a long trip through the wall all the way to the other dormer to see what else he could find.  Thankfully nothing looks bad between the two dormers, but the other dormer will likely need some work too.

So the next step was to order the windows, and wait.  Which we did for did for about a month.  But once our windows came in, we sent the kids to Grandma's and got on with the destruction.

 The window and trim came out fairly easily. 

"Well there's your problem."
We were a little uncertain that just that little bit of rotten sill could cause that much damage.  It was soon clear that the damage really did stem from that sill.

With the window out, now we just had a nice big gaping hole for birds to fly in. And it's just gonna get bigger.

 The deeper we dug the more damage we found, this time on some of the sheathing.

Once the outside was taken apart a bit, we went back to the inside, and gutted most of the frame that was damaged.  There was only one section that I considered somewhat structural and damaged that we left alone for later.

The next part was taking out the floor, which was one of the toughest parts of the job.  It was really hard to get the circular saw in some areas.  (Plus I kept hitting my head on the roofing nails through the roof).  We didn't have my Mom's oscillating multitool for the dormer at all, and I'm sure it would have helped. 

Prying up the floor wasn't that bad, as it wasn't glued down much at all.  I was glad to see the damage didn't extend to the joists at all.  Once the the floor was up, we had almost all the mold out of there.

Now to step back; From what I was reading dry rot is nothing to mess around with. The images above are two areas where we saw dry rot.  I guess it can spread like crazy even through other substances.  We tried to pull back at least 6" from all areas that came in contact with dry rot, but in some areas like the joists and the rafters, we couldn't.

To keep the rot from spreading, a lot of websites recommend Boracare or Tim-Bor, with Bora-Care being preferred.  But $70 is a lot of money and well... we forgot to order some before we started.  So I enlisted help from my scientist hubby and he made us our own Bora-Care mix.  He used Boric Acid, Borax and Glycol (Antifreeze) using this site as a guide.  We bought a hot plate just so we could make it outdoors and thankfully didn't get the police called on us.  Meth lab anyone?  ;)

At this point we 'painted' everything with our DIY Borate mix.  There was a bit of a chemical smell that did eventually go away.  So now we're *almost* ready to rebuild.  To the right of the above picture, the floor and corner board still has some rot (some is drywall powder though).  We still need to remove that section, of course, but we need to rebuild it very quickly once those boards are out.

So we Jon cut out the old boards.  I can practically hear my Mom yelling at her computer a town away with this awesome electrical cord setup we have going here.

I had already placed the floor support boards between joists as well as pre-cut and measured the floor board so this step could go quickly.  Once the board was fit, we screwed it in a few key spots and moved on.

We had also pre-cut the framing, and popped those in really quick.  And then breathed a sigh of relief. It took a lot of planning to be able to move that quick, but it was worth it.  If I recall correctly, at this point I finish screwing in the floor and left for work (to relax some, haha).

Then we started rebuilding.  I did the main window frame outside the window and placed it in.  This was a fair chunk of work but I'll spare you the details.

Once the framing was done, we needed to finish the roof flashing, housewrap, and window flashing.  Getting to the part where we could finally flash the window was so exciting.  I love that 3M stuff too.  Even if our Vinyl-Clad wood window sills rot out, we'll have that stuff there to stop water from taking out our floors ever again.

 And with that, we put our window in!  Wah-hoo!

I laid out the old siding in order and popped the old siding back on the dormer in a couple hours.  Easy-peasy.

To finish up the inside we needed to put in the insulation and moisture barrier, and then....


We still having some taping and mudding to do (even now, two months later), as well as some outside face-work, but it is so nice to be able to walk in that room without a mask on.

These pictures spanned about a month, with us mostly working only on weekends.  Most of the other projects I've posted so far were done on weeknights in conjunction with this giant project.

And to come full circle, shortly after we got rid of all that rotten moldy wood that was hanging out on our porch and lawn (from this project and others)!  Yay!