Thursday, October 3, 2013


I am eating cake!  Right now!  Mmm....  chocolate frosting.

Random, I know, but this post is lighthearted, so I might as well start off with my some weird fun. 

I am behind on posts about projects I've wanted to share, as usual.... but they're still going to have to wait because I'm going to jump the line. I'm too excited. Yes, back to the cake.  Birthday cake, to be specific. 

Isaac's turned 3!!

It was a fairly easy decision to make him a Link costume for his birthday, since in his eyes, he is Link.  He acts like Link, talks like Link, and often insists we call him Link.

But it was hard deciding which 'Link' he would be.  We were between Skyward Sword Link and Wind Waker's young Link (also called toon Link).

We thought it would have been cute to go with young link, since Isaac is little and we've seen some cute photos of other little Links online... but old Link is so much more intricate, and Isaac liked him more... so he became our first choice.

Then as more time passed and I still hadn't worked on the outfit, and it became clear that toon Link was the way to go if we wanted to get it done in time.  So we changed our 'toon'.  (Bahaha! Yes, I'm tired...)

So of course, procrastination is inevitable with a billion things to do, so the night before his birthday party is when I started sewing.  But by the middle of the next day we had thrown together this costume.

The shirt and leggings are from target and dyed to the colors weneeded .  I did end up seam-ripping the front decoration of the target shirt, as it contrasted with the tunic's V-neck too much.  The tunic fabric is just green linen from jo-anns, the straps are made of several layers of costume leather.  Jon did an awesome job on the belt buckle, which was just painted scrap wood.

We still have a little bit to do on the the costume.  We're planning on picking up white leggings.  Two sets of pants for a toddler preschooler is always a good idea...  and of course, we'll get some brown boots, which will hopefully double as winter boots this winter.  I actually sized the whole costume to his older brother so that we'll get a few more years out of it.

And because this is a cosplay type costume, we had to dress it up with some accessories.  Sort of pulls it way from the simplicity of the toon Link design a bit, but again, the point isn't to emulate the look entirely; It's to adventure like Link.  The sword we got at walmart, which was a great sword and a good price, but too long for Isaac to pull out of the simple sheath I made.... which is a bummer.  Our other swords come out just fine though, but Isaac's fairly attached to the new one, so back to the drawing board.

For some good fun, we made a slingshot w/ holder and placed it in a cardboard treasure chest. We waited until Isaac had gotten the outfit and put it on before letting him open the treasure chest.  Yes, we did hum Link's 'chest opening' song while he opened it, and made the appropraite sound bite when he grabbed it out. (Du-da-da-da DA!)

So here's our happy guy!  Once we get the boots, I'd love to go outside and get some better photos to make some edited shots.... and maybe I will write the the tutorial for the clothes... someday...

The cake is all eaten up now, so I must be off!

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