Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bathroom Makeover

So first off, an announcement...  I am now using the Amazon Affiliate program for many of my links.  I figured since I'm already use Amazon to link to most of my products I might as well see if I can earn a little extra money for it.  So there's your fair warning.

You probably won't even notice the change.

So, for some reason, our upstairs bathroom was the one space I felt like we needed to redecorate right away.  I had changes in mind for all other rooms, but the bathroom just irked me.  The faucets were fine, but the spout leaked and the showerhead kept falling off.  The paint was a gross brown/red and all of the bathware was cheap wood and very broken


So,  those are all 'live' links and I will actually be using the Amazon Affiliate program (and my bathroom is gross)... but I in no way want my site to turn into some kind of advertisement like that.  The internet has enough ads alrady. If I find that often I'm linking up products more than I otherwise would have, I'm gonna stop the trying to monetize.  I really don't want another one of those blogs.  And on the flip side, linking a product does not mean I'm endorsing a product.  Okay, public service announcement over....

Back to our bathroom.  We swapped out the showerhead in almost every apartment we've had, and our new house was no exception.  This one didn't spray well and we've never been shower sprayer people, so it had to go. I used a little vinegar in a bag and some Q-tips to clean out the junk that had accumulated.  We ordered this showerhead from Amazon using Lowe's internet, since Lowes didn't have any good basic ones.  (Thanks Lowes!)  We've used it for a while now and it works great.  Doesn't at all seem like a low flow head.

I also pimped out the shower curtain not long after moving in. I noticed in our last apartment the landlord had made his spring loaded curtain more stable with these hangers, which our walls clearly wanted.  They're actually closet rod sockets, and we found some at Lowes for about $5.  Metal ones were cheaper, but plastic seems more suitable for a moist shower environment.  They were super easy to install.  The junk on the shower rod came off fairly easily with a magic eraser too, so everything looked spic and span again... well except the walls.

Ah yes, the walls.  I could not stand the color.  The single most offensive thing about the bathroom was the color.  Maybe it was the because of clashing with the ugly wood fixtures and  cabinet. Or perhaps our purple shower curtain and blue floor were throwing me off.  But whatever it was, I felt like I was suffocating everytime I stood in there.  I wanted to finish some of the more serious repairs before I started on painting anything... but after a month living here, I had to do this.

There was a little bit of prep work before I started.  The bathroom had some rough spots in the shower curtain rod area and the places the old towel bars and hangers were pulled off.  Spackling those were pretty easy.

I also needed to peel off the painted-over caulking on the sides, which lead to a large large portion of paint coming off.  Patching the painted and unpainted parts, wasn't so easy, as I was in a hurry and didn't want to do more than one coat with sanding.  Hopefully I'll fix that someday.

So lets paint the walls!  Choosing a replacement color was tricky.  We wanted to go with a warm gray, so it wouldn't crash with the ivory fixtures as much as a regular gray would.  I feel like we found the right color, but had a tough time picking how light it should be.  We went all in and bought a gallon on the lightest shade.  Bad move.  It pretty much matched the countertop, as shown above.  I'm sure the paint would have taken on a more grey color once the rest of the room was painted, but we definitely should have picked a shade darker.

We decided it would be good to take a trip back to the store to try to re-tint would to try to get one shade darker.  Unfortunately, the color balance of the first gallon didn't line up with the pallet of the slightly darker shade, and we ended up with the color at the bottom of the image above...  pretty far off from what we wanted.  This one was way too close to the old color for my liking.  So I went in the completely opposite direction, and just picked my favorite color - sky blue.

The ugly brown in the room really did absorb all things good and beautiful, because I was fairly far into the painting process that the blue color actually started looking blue and not white.
 Finally, the last part was the 'bathware'.  The photos above are from the inspection report.  Nice toilet paper holder, huh?  The two towel rack holders were also broken (one hid it better than the other).

So after deciding the cheaper metal ones in the local stores weren't quality enough for us our kids, I turned to the internet, ordering this and this.  The quality is great, but I do have a few complaints.  The towel bar stuck out much farther than I expected, so we had to change where we hung it.  It's a little harder for the kids to get to now.  And the toilet paper holder is really wide for the size of rolls we get.  It can look a little awkard at times.

We decided to forgo getting towel rack in favor of hooks, since we have so many towels to hang... which I haven't gotten around to buying/making yet.

Here's the side by side:

With the addition of a new, taller, shower curtain, and the bathroom is much more to my liking.  Bright, open and airy. 

My 'Phase 1' bathroom list is halfway done:
Replace old showerhead
Replace toilet seat lid and convert toilet to dual flush
Replace shower curtain and install rod supports
Replace the broken bathware

Fix holes and PAINT!!
Caulk and trim tub

Repaint the cabinet (?)
Repaint the rusty heater
Change the light fixture
Hang up towel hooks
Fix leaking shower
There may be some big changes in this bathroom in a few years, but getting this far has been great!  Now go search for some random words on Amazon.  It can be pretty fun!


Hilaree said...

That paragraph with all the links cracked me up.

Christina said...

@ Hilaree, me too. I was finding it difficult to read and by the end of the paragraph, I was glad she was kidding.

Christina said...

Nice work as usual, btw!

Cassie said...

I can't say Jon appricated my link for 'fine'. That's the one that really cracks me up :D

Anonymous said...

The bathroom looks sooooo much better in the after photo. It's lighter and brighter with that dark paint gone.

Yeah, the first paragraph really threw me off....I didn't know you were kidding!