Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Virtual House Tour

Wouldn't it be sweet if we could actually do a virtual house tour?  Like, you put the VR glasses on and just walk around my property?  Actually.  That sounds a little creepy.  Nevermind.

(Skip to around 1:52, that gives  you good feel of the action.  I want these 'glasses'.)

Back to the real point of the post.  I've had numerous requests from distant friends and family to get some pictures up.  Lets do this!

So we left off here in the last post, and this is a good play to start the tour.  These  pictures were taken the day we bought the house, before we moved in. 

 Come on in!


 Downstairs Bathroom

 Dining Room


So.... I guess I didn't take many upstairs pictures before we moved in, so I took these recently to fill in the gaps. (Hence, the stuff)

X-Large Bedroom


  Boys Room (+ Eve)

Eve's Room (-Eve)

Upstairs Bathroom


XL Deck (+ fast growing dinosaur-leaf plant??)


Yard, Yard and more Yard

[Super Awesome] Wooded trail & Pond

So that was the 'real estate' version of a house tour.   This home does have some pretty nice curb appeal.  However, in reality, we could probably make a nice game out of most of these pictures:  'Find 5 things we need to fix.' 

Here's a little preview of what we've been doing in the last month of home ownership:

 ...in addition to the simple stuff like cleaning, unpacking, replacing light-bulbs, toilet-seats and the like.

So there we go!  Project posts coming on up soon!

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