Monday, September 23, 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

I probably should have posted this post after the virtual tour, but before porch redo.  Oh, well, better late than never!  In the walk-through post we saw all of the 'good'.  Room to grow, a lawn, pool, etc.  Well, in this post I'm bringing us back to reality.

I'm actually going to skip the bad, since there are so many small things that needed fixing, and go right to the ugly.  These are the things that we used to negotiate the price of the house.

1) The porch.  

We already went over the fix in the last post, but as you can see here, the post on the end was cracked and that whole side was sinking.  We're hoping moving the drain spout out more will help stop the problem.

2) The Floors

As already seen in the virtual tour, we have ugly blue carpet.  The worst isn't the color though.  It's the smell.  It's the gross, stinky old carpet smell.  A mix of dog, dirt, and some sort of chemically type smell in one area.  Even Jon, who doesn't have allergies was having trouble with this carpet.  Plus, there are also at least 3 holes/rips, which unfortunately, I cannot find pictures of.  And sadly the carpet makes up most of the downstairs, plus the hall upstairs.  (and of course, there are 3 rooms with wood floors downstairs.. and none match).

3) HVAC exit

I don't know too much about it, but heating vents are not supposed to be located under the deck.  Since we have on-demand hot water, it has to be on all year long too.  So basically, our deck smells like a diesel truck about 20% of the time, and it's not even close to meeting code.  Having a  chimney installed is our best option, and unfortunately, that's no DIY task.

4) Electricity

Our electric  needs a fair amount of work.  I can't find any good pictures right now, but basically we need a bigger panel, according to the inspector.  In addition, our pool doesn't have it own ground, there is 1 outlet in the basement, and one outlet outside.  Honestly, the fixing the electric of this house scares me a bit.

5) The Deck

Now we're getting onto the big stuff.  We will be attempting to DIY fix this... next year.   There are rotten spots, there are rusted/broken joist hangers (in really important spots).  There are several posts that have lost their footing, the inspector said it's supposed to be a few inches lower, and finally, there's no flashing between it and the house.  (A nice place for water to enter).  We'll have to decide how to approach it when the times comes...  Depending on if it survives the winter.

6)  The Windows

These are attempting to DIY.  Several of the windows sills have rotted out.  Unfortunately, while moving in, we noticed that Eve's room had a weak spot and pulled back carpet to reveal the rot had made it all the way to the floor.  Sadly, that wasn't the worst looking window sill of the bunch either.  This will be a giant project, and I hope we don't run into too many surprises that require professional help.

That's it for now...  Wish us luck!

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