Sunday, July 14, 2013

Doll hiz-ouse!!

Yeah, maybe I should use a different title.  1) I only talk like that when I'm excited (or at work) and 2) I have no idea how to spell hiz-ouse.  But I am excited! 
I actually worked on the dollhouse that has been glaring at me in my living room for a while now. 
 I decided I didn't want to break anymore balsawood 'molding' in our move, and the dollhouse has been pining for my time, so I took some time to freshen it up a bit.

But really, I want to share but I have so much other stuff to do right now... so this will be quick.... er than I have been lately.

Here's where we left OVER 4 YEARS AGO. I'll save you the link, below is how it looked after giving it to her (at age 3!!!).

I'm sure I have some more pictures of progress somewhere, but I'm trying to be quick.

Anyway, this is where we started off, a few months ago all furnished and in my workshop today.  I never finished the molding, the edging on the middle wall was never finished, the roof was primed but never painted/shingled and there was one window left that could never find the 'glass' for. After three moves, I gave up ever finding it and was just going to cut a piece of plastic to put in there.  Plus, a few months ago Isaac ripped out the wall & front door, and I accidentally impulsively pulled out the stairs.  So we were in sorry shape.

So while I was trying to get more molding pieces to paint, I dumped out the box the kit came in.  AND THE WINDOW FELL OUT!  You can imagine how many times I checked that thing.  It has been missing since its creation!  I have no idea where it came from, but I was so glad it showed up....  and then, I couldn't find the window/shudders.  Long story short, I slowly remember each box I transferred it from in each move, until I remembered where I put it in this house.  Once I had all the pieces together I finally put it in there as fast as I could.

I added in all the molding I could, but I ran out of molding for the kitchen . I still think it looks okay.

I fixed the stairs and wall too.  The stairs are a different orientation because I liked them better that way and eventually (hahahaha...) I'll rip out the bottom set and flip it to match.

We also wanted to finish painting it.  Eve didn't want anything but white for the top.  I wanted to paint the shutters, but Eve wanted them pink and I didn't.  We compromised; she got pink shutters and I got a gray roof.  Both of us loved the way eachother's decision turned out! 

The big kids hung out with me and even painted a bit of it too.

So here's the comparisons -


The front looks amazingly better, even without the porch. Building that will take some extra work because I want it stand separately from the house, since the likely hood of it getting broken off quickly is high.  Okay, I've babbled long enough, time to do important stuff...

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