Saturday, November 10, 2012

CSA 2012 Part I - Week by week

We decided to try a CSA for the first time this year.  We decided to take the plunge for a few reasons:
  1. To support local farms& try organic
  2. Try new varieties of Fruits and Veggies
  3. Eat healthier
  4. Get an idea of what I'll want to garden some day
1)   We decided to go with Red Manse Farm, because of their location, the list of crops on their website and because they grow organically.  I like the idea of a local farm not spraying chemicals all over the place.

We've never made any attempt to eat organically before, but a CSA seemed like a good place to start.   I support organic agriculture more for environmental rather than health issues, but I'm starting to feel sold more on health.... I'll get to that later.

2)  Beyond basic veggies my husband and I haven't been exposed to much variety and I'd like to not pass that on, and expose them to more at an early age.  Also, we focus a lot on traditional meals, and have been in a what-to-make rut for a while, so this to help break out of that.

3) Our goal was to not throw any out..  Didn't happen.  But we did eat way more veggies than we would have and our diet was substantially more varied (less pasta).  It was a shift from an occasional veggie as a side, to veggies as the main course...  like a hearty salad.

4) I decided to take pictures for our haul each week so I'll be able to remember what veggies I liked, didn't like, and what I'd like to grow when I get a garden.  I've done some gardening of typical sutff, green beans, tomatos, etc...  but not much more. I decided to post these pictures, so others can have a little guidelines to expect each week for a share of a CSA, since I had no idea.

 [NOTE: your CSA will vary.  Considerably.]

Without further ado, here's what our CSA looked like in 2012:

 Week 1 -  Lettuce x2, Napa cabbage, rhubarb, beets, radishes, maple syrup (not pictured)

 Week 2 - herbs, garlic scapes, green onions, rubarb, red russian kale, lettuce x2

Week 3 - lettuce x2, sugar snap peas, broccoli, garlic scapes, green onions

Week 5 -baby bok choy, carrots, beets, peas, sugar snap peas, garlic, zucchini, cucumber, red russian kale
(at this point we got a salad spinner...  which of course we didn't need quite as much anymore)

Week 6 - curly kale, beets, carrots, peas, zucchini, tomato, summer squash, onions, garlic, sunflower

Week 7 - carrots garlic, tomatoes, lettuce, kale, onions, cucumber, zucchini... and something else

Week 8 - tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, beans, squash, beets, curly kale, onions, garlic

Week 10 - rainbow chard, corn, beans, carrots, onions, garlic, zucchini, squash, tomatoes (being stolen)

Week 12 - lettuce x2, Brussels sprouts, tomatos, garlic, onion, pepper, onion, potatoes, cantaloupe x2, zucchini, green onions

Week 13 - tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, squash, herbs, garlic, onions, lettuce and some other stuff...

 Week 14 - tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, onions, Brussels sprouts, radishes, lettuce, garlic, peppers... some sort of squash?

Week 15 -  red russian kale, onions, sprouts, beets, potoatoes, peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, squash

Week 16 - maple syrup, mushrooms, lettuce, squash, carrots, onions, garlic, potatoes

 Week 17 - lettuce, Brussel sprouts, potatoes, onions, cabbage, squashes, garlic... and some mystery items

Week 18 - pumpkins, lettuce, onions, rainbow chard, carrots, potatoes... and a mystery item

 Week 19 - herbs, beets, carrots, potatoes, green onions, squashes... and more mystery items (it's hard to do this in retrospect)

 Week 20 - beets, carrots, onions, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, kale... and even more mystery stuff

Overall, the experience was good. I'll get to more details in the next post...

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