Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Yeah, I'm got a little behind when it came to posting some of my recent projects...  and as with everything else, it seems to get harder to get something done the more time passes.  Oh well here goes....

Around the beginning of April, I finished up the front faces of the drawers I built here. They used the same Purebond Plywood that the rest of the TV stand used (except the drawers), with Band-it white birch veneer on the sides.  The veneering wasn't that difficult, but it did take a lot of time to do five drawers.

Aligning the drawers was slightly tricky.  I tried a few methods for the first drawer and after several attempts got something that worked well.  In the end I held up the drawer face to the drawer, spaced perfectly in place, then pulled the drawer out (while still holding it tightly together), and had my husband draw the outline of the drawer on the back.  Then I pulled the drawer off the tracks, lined up the markings again and had a great alignment.

Center of the is where a drill bit popped through :(
 I did hit one snag where the drill bit went through the front face a little :(  Luckly the chips stayed in place so I was able to sneak some glue in behind it, clamp it down and sand it smooth.  Now you can barley see it.

I had mentioned in the last post the drawers may have been sticking out too far, and I was right, they did.  It's not incredibly noticeable, and actually quite a small overhang, but I'm picky enough that I will have fix that eventually.

 So, Ta Da! Here it is in it's assembled glory! This thing is spectacular. 

And full featured.

And I totally can't resist stepping through every little detail. It's been complete for a few months now, and I'm still amazed at what a good fit it is for our family.

The flip down drawer works well.  I didn't have a real good stopper so I just screwed on a wood block real quick.  The euro hinges work okay, but if I could have had worked in some routered style hindges, I may have gone for those.  They have a lower profile and 'jolt' less when opening.  Storage wise, it's great.  You can see in the pic we easily fit a VCR plus 2 consoles, and now we actually have 4 consoles in there. Having a solid face does mean that we need to have the flip down drawer open for the VCR remote to work, but we almost never need to use it, so it's not a big deal for us.  The wii-motes, and wireless PS2 and Gamecube controllers work great with the drawer closed too.

I noticed when we first put the drawer-less frame together the cords were a danglely mess, and even when organized and set in place, they would end up sliding of the back of the shelf.  So I ripped a piece of maple in half lengthwise and glued that along the back.

It works perfectly and keeps the cords at bay. 

If I were to change one thing about the design, it would be to make the shelf for these baskets slightly taller.  Who knew the standard size for baskets was 5 inches? ...and this shelf is exactly 5 inches :(  I searched all over for nice wide baskets to fit in this spot and eventually found some that worked in Micheal's.    These are actually the medium size in this basket series, the large size would have been perfect width and length wise... but were just barely too tall.  Despite the smaller size, I still love these baskets.  They look awesome, and I really wanted to find some sage green to put in the living room.

So much organization!  These baskets fit us so well. The remotes and controllers now end up back in the basket and not cluttered on the top of the TV stand.  I also keep the rechargeable batteries, battery charger and the DS in there.  Those  things that ALWAYS cluttered up the top of our old TV stand.  They never seemed to have a good home.  Now they do, and I love it.

The book storage is pretty sweet too.  Before, we would also always stash our library books on top of TV stand, partially to keep them from being abused by the kiddo's.  Now we have a devoted place that is easy for the kids to get to, but not easy for a quick attack by a toddler.  I did not at all expect we'd be able to keep two stacks in there when going for the medium basket, but I was pleasantly surprised I could still have a kid stack and a grown-up stack, as I originally wanted.  It's awesome.

The middle basket is pretty bare, since I'm certain kids big and small will have a hard time resiting playing 52 hundred card pickup if I put all the card games we own in, but...

 ....someday it will look like this.  And it will be good.  And it will free up space in the bathroom (which is where I currently have to store games).  As is, it's still nice to have a couple games in there (note that memory is in nice small baggies and not it's giant waste of space box). We've at least doubled the number of times we play memory having it right there.   Did I say I love these baskets?  Well I do.  Really do.

The pull-out drawers are really nice for DVD storage.  I was really hoping to be able to fit he CD's lengthwise, but it still works fine as is.  It's crazy how many more DVD's we can keep in one drawer than VCR's.  So much so, I pruned out some tapes, and put some money into DVD's.

I was able to reduce this stack to DVD's for about $30.  It's not too bad, especially since these were well-loved tapes, and worn out in several spots.  Not a bad price for some more TV stand real estate.

Plus this stack that didn't make the cut, and I've got a a lot more room in that drawer.  About half of the rest of the tapes with either get thrown out or transferred to DVD, and then I expect I'll have half of that drawer ready for future purchases.
The bottom two drawers are devoted to my husbands videogame storage.  Don't tell him, but I don't think he actually has that many games considering all of the console systems we have :) At first, I started organizing the controllers, wrapping up the cords and putting them in bins, until it dawned on me that it wasn't going to stay that way.  So I tossed in a giant wad of cords and closed the drawer.  After my husband got sick of going through the tangled cords he wound some cords up. Yay, [forced] organization :D

 I'm happy with my handle choices too.  I had a hard time finding my style, but I think these work well.  I'm not staining the TV stand, only sealing it, so this is what they'll look like in it's finished state as well.

All in all, it has it's quirks but I love this thing.  One more image of this sexy beast, and I'm off to bed!

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