Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick Fix

Eli's Bed has a problem.  Spot it?  Yeah, that's the one. 

At least once a month we hear a crash and run in and find that he's fallen off the bed.  Most of the time it's to the side...and those falls aren't so bad; he's even slept completely through a fall before.  But when it's through that big hole, it's usually on his head, often flipped over.  Those, I gather, are not fun.

It wasn't a particular fall recently that prompted me to get this done or anything like that.  It was a combination of things.  I actually remembered to look for and buy some wood for it while I was lumber store Sunday.  Plus it was gorgeous outside today and I wanted to do something outside and the kids were all gone for the afternoon.  So an open breezy house with no gates or doors or kids asking me what I was doing while running back and forth cutting the wood seemed like a perfect time.

Why the hole you ask?  Well it's the bottom part of a bunk bed.  I'm pretty sure they expected that side to be against a wall... since the ladder is on the other side.  And probably expecteed the kid to sleep the opposite way.  In our last place we had it against the wall, so it wasn't a big deal.  I tried flipping him around so the ladder had a chance of stopping him, but he has very stubborn sleeping habits (he must have 3 blankets in a particular order on him, even in the summer) and we just didn't push it.

Eve has the top bunk and it's much cozier.  She even has a side rail.  Someday I might morph the two beds together to give each kid both a headboard and a footboard... but we'll see if I ever get around to that.

The wood is firing strips I bought at Lowes.  They're fairly bad quality, but I needed boards at widths of 5/8" so I hunted around in the pile until I found acceptable ones.  I sanded them down the best I could and ran my fingers all over them to pick up the rest of the splinters (you can see how much I love me kids), but I still won't trust them until they're sealed or painted. 

It wasn't that hard to figure what to do, just cut the boards to size and put them in between the U shaped sides.  I cut the first one just a little shorter than the top one and angled it in, but the rest are just barely bigger than the gap so I could slide them in without angling them much.  It was a pain to get those boards in right.  Hammering and shimmying was my main strategy. The kids came home when I was doing this part, which was actually nice, as Eli was encouraging while I muscled those boards in.  Sometimes I do like having them around while I work...  I put a runner up the back that I screwed every board to, because some were warped one way, some the other, so that made it nice and flat.

Awesome Bluedino's T-shirt!

...Sigh...  Pictures always look worse when taken with a flash...

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