Monday, March 5, 2012

Proud Mama!

Yep.  Evie's well on her way to baby wearing.  She can officially tie her own little Mei Tai by herself with Daisy in it.  In fact, I found it so mesmerizing to watch her, I had her redo it several times just for my own enjoyment.  It's awesome to see her feel exactly where her straps are, knowingly pulling them to the front, forming a perfect little X in the back.

Funny thing is, this is where I was planning on ending the post, but in writing this I realize I've seen that reaction a ton of times when I put mine on!  People often pause and watch me tie my Mei Tai, slightly dazed with mouths dangling.  It's not a bad thing either.  The people who do stop to comment usually say how they wish they had that when their kids were little, or that I should sell them (I wish), and the people who don't, usually just continue on their merry way, smiling slightly.  I always hope the smile is because little baby looks so snug and content, and not because my mei tai looks funny on me - sometimes it distorts my shirt all over when I'm in a hurry.

So here's my word of advice, if you're worried using a mei tai might be too difficult, try it! I've gotten super quick now and it just feels like second nature (that happens when you have to take your coat off in freezing winter to put it on in a parking lot).  And I'm proud to say my little mama is starting to learn the gentle art of babywearing as well.  If she can do it, you can too :)

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