Thursday, February 16, 2012

Out With the Old, in With the Temporary....

The TV came!  Woot woot!  No where to put it yet.  Boo :(  You can see in the picture that the spot in the old entertainment center wasn't wide enough to fit our new TV.  Still, the day the TV came, we took it out of the box and set it on the endtable just to make sure everything worked. We didn't want to find out later we have a big messy return on our hands (one of the reasons we went with a more expensive TV).  Everything worked perfectly and we even got to sit on our couch to watch TV!  Kinda funny, but I guess it wasn't just the kids that plopped down in front of the little TV for a bigger picture.  We were so used to it Jon couldn't shake his old habit just yet for this shot.  But even though our first big movie night went well, the TV went back in the box for a few days.  Toddler + precarious TV perched on an end table = Disaster.

That weekend though, I had inspiration - I could borrow my workbench!  This 'workbench' as actually lived in almost every room in our apartments over the years, now residing on our sunroom/porch as a workbench.  My mom made it for me back when we were newlyweds using old shelves she had laying around.  That's Isaac climbing up on it during the middle of the move.  Thankfully the big kids were spending the night at their Grandparents and most of the move happened during Isaac's nap.  Anyway, I knew the move would disrupt the norm for a bit, mess up parts of the house and make watching a toddler difficult but ::whiny voice here:: I want to see the super bowl.  So we made the swap and it was. a. mess.  Such a mess that I lost the camera for about two weeks.

We moved out both the old entertainment center and the end table so the workbench could be centered across from the couch.  That way we could get a feel for where we wanted to put the new one in the future.  It was amazing how much stuff that thing held, both intentionally and unintentionally.  It was overwhelming at how much stuff  'lived' both on top and below it, as shown when piled in the laundry basket above.  I hate stuff.   But that is a rant for a different day.  At least we found those missing pegs and socks.  

About half of the stuff that was being stored in the old TV stand got moved in bins (stolen from other parts of the house) and moved onto the porch.  Some stuff just stayed put in the old TV stand to head out the porch.  And only a couple containers of remotes and DVD's and the main consoles we used got put on the workbench.  Even with the few things left out, it's been hard keeping little Ike away from playing with everything.  I can't wait to get this thing done!

Unfortunately, we managed to break the door off the old one on the way out of the house into the sunroom.  Oops.  I think I can repair it, but having to fix something before donating always makes finding the time to donate so much harder.

 I would have posted a picture of the temporary set up in the livingroom, but this is where we lost the camera.  I may have even been brave enough to post the explosion of a sunroom if I had found it. After hastily moving everything from the workbench to the floor and piling in new furniture and media storage all around it we could even walk through it.  Then again, maybe I wouldn't have posted it....

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