Saturday, February 4, 2012

Living Room Chaos

Up next on my to do list... the living room.  Yep.  Pretty much the whole thing.  Shown below in it's typical state.

It needs some help.  It's been stuck in the college hand-me down style for the last 8 years.  Here's the rundown of our eclectic room.  (Actually, eclectic implies far more style than the eating-cold-pizza-for-breakfast decor we have going on.)
  • End Table.  Garage sale before we were even married.  The handle ripped off and we kept off so the kids can't open the card drawer.  Brown.  
  • Chair.  Free from a friend of the family.  Currently, pieces of foam fly out of the back every time we sit down.  Brown.
  • Couch.  Actually an upgrade from the $89 walmart futon we used to have for 4 years.  Brown.  
  • Entertainment center.  Bought at Big Lots, survived being moved 5 times.  Brown. 
See a pattern here?  Brown.  Lots of brown.  All over the place. Bleh!  Countered by the lovely white we have all over all walls, as seen in my last post.  Plus we have toys randomly scattered around with no real place to store them.  BTW, the lovely masking tape on the wall is sizing what size TV we think would be appropriate for our family.  Complete with a hand drawn Curious George for good measure.

But it's time for some change! I didn't really know where to start, but my husband helped to decide for me.  I had forwarded him an email I received from Best Buy showing him the TV that I was keeping my eye on was going on sale at midnight, after my bedtime.   I forward the ad to him with the idea that he could check out the price for me, and wake me up if it was a good deal.

The next morning I woke the next morning to the email "We received your order" from Best Buy.  (We paid $250, it was originally $350.)  One of the big reasons we wanted this particular TV was that this brand seemed to fail less frequently than the others I was looking at and it was higher quality w/ 1080p.  Also we (Jon) decided now would be a good time so we (me) could watch the Superbowl (GO GIANTS!!) on it.  So that settled it then- First up in our living room make-over, TV stand!

 (PS The top pictures were taken after the TV had arrived, you can see the box in the pic above.  We don't normally keep our Wii uptop either)

Keeping it real - junk and all!

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