Sunday, February 12, 2012

Design Time

As mentioned in our last post - we bought a TV. Time to design a new TV stand! But first, lets look at our old one.

The old TV stand did its job.  It held the TV, Players , DVD's and a whole bunch of other crap.  But not well.  The TV (a $35 purchase 7 years ago) didn't utilize the allotted space, which always bothered me from both a waste-of-storage-space perspective and a dude-thats-ugly perspective.  Just below the TV is where several of our children decided to teethe, revealing the 'quality' of paper veneer on composite boards. The TV itself is on the wrong side and away from the center of the room, forcing us to sit on the floor a lot to watch TV and making it difficult for me to play just dance :(  

The child-repelling covers do a lot to make it ugly, as it did look slightly 'nicer' at before we had to toddler-proof, again (as seen in the picture above).  However, functionally those covers are a lifesaver, as they help repel our children from the magnetic attraction to all things electronic.  Due to this attraction, we're actually on our third cover for the bottom section. This one was built to last (and it did!), since the other two died after a few years in splintered failure.

Storage was also an issue.  We had the DVD's stacked three rows deeps so everything would fit, which made it a pain to get anything out. The baskets worked well initially, when there was no door, but once the door was on, they often just ended up on top of the whole thing. 


We also crammed all of our plugged in player/consoles/whatever you want to call them in one area.  The DTV converter box for our antenna isn't shown, but was normally stacked on top of the PS2.  The NES and SNES are not plugged in and stored with the 'modern' video games, which are only two rows deep.  In one of the bottom two drawers we keep a bin of retro video games and accessories.  In the other is our stereo (waste-o space-o).  We also have another bin of 'keep' video games floating somewhere in our house, in addition to the other 'get rid of' bin we have somewhere else around here.

And the top.  Clutter.  Big ugly speakers.  More clutter, and oh, yes, a constant stream of clutter I can't seem to keep up with.

So there's the history, which in the true engineering fashion, I can pull some specs from.
  1. Child resistant.  Even though our kids will outgrow this phase soon enough, I want to keep my home as baby friendly as I can for friends and fam.
  2. DVD's stored side to side, so the labels are up.  This seems like the most compact, easiest way to store them
  3. Easy access to put remotes/controllers away, as a future option, as it doesn't combine well with #1
  4. An area for baskets for a bit of color and variety to the whole thing.
  5. Try to fit as much stuff in as little space as possible.  No more giant TV stand stealing all the light in the room, or giving us a place to stash things out of the little kids reach.
So, as with most of my projects, the design stage is both one of my favorite aspects of a project, and one of my most dreaded.  I have a really hard time finding my style, but once I do combining it with the specs I want and coming up with a design is totally satisfying.  So after much 'research (googling): here's my design mock-up.

Not too shabby :)

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