Sunday, January 29, 2012

Decorations, Finally!

One of my resolutions this year was to actually decorate my house.  With something. Anything grown-up, really.  We've lived with white walls (sometimes with kid pictures) for a long time and I wanted a little change.  I started with the bedroom, since I wanted something nice to go over our new headboard (In case you're wondering, I posted those plans here).   I had looked at prints in stores and didn't find anything that suited me, but I did figure out my style.  So I went home to try to find some interesting pictures in our own collection I could turn black and white.

After a sorting through the possibilities, I came up with a 2 great pictures, and one (a beach shot) that didn't fit well enough to include in the set.  Sorting took far too long, and by that point I just wanted to get something done. So, instead, I used a stand-in of a picture of a road, but I plan to replace that one when a better picture crops up.  

 I picked up three shadowboxes at target for $10 a piece. I had the images scaled to be 7"x7" inches wide printed on an 8" x 10" sheet.  It was about $10 to get them printed down the road at Walgreens.

 I decided not to waste time hunting around and spending more money to get a real matboard.  I just used some thick white scrapbook paper I had on hand, a square, exacto knife (blades) and tape.  Pretty much self explanatory, but there's a nice image of what you need.  Both the lines and corners  came out very nice and straight using the exacto knife.

All finished.  Here's a closeup of the images I picked.  Sorry that the photos are a really poor quality.

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