Friday, March 4, 2011

Mario Fridge Magnets

I made these Mario Magnets for my husband.  It wasn't exactly a Christmas present, but close.  He asked for these for Christmas, but I never liked the graphics in Super Mario Bros, and didn't want to have to stare at them every time I got milk.  So we used sprite sheets we found online for Super Mario World, which we both like the graphics of. I asked Jon what he character's he liked the most and then I moved, scaled, and arranged them so they would be easy to cut.

We then printed them out on flexible magnet sheets.  I used ones we found at Michaels, which did turn out to be thinner than I liked, but these seem promising too.  Anyway, print them, and cu tthem out.  Cutting them out is time consuming, but the fun is worth it for an evenings worth of work.

Check out the fun!

 We'll have to do some fun stop-action videos with these at some point... but probably when the kids are old enough to help more than harm.

If you'd like to make your own, give your email and you can have a copy of the PNG file.

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