Saturday, March 26, 2011

DIY Balance Bike

Okay, well it's not done yet, but I couldn't resist posting my latest project...

We really don't need one of these, since we already have a balance bike, sort of, and we have other bikes...  but I saw a motorcycle balance bike and I thought it was awesome.  I knew my 3 year old would love it, and when he outgrows it, his brother could play with it.

I still have to sand, drill and screw this thing together, but it's a start.  I have to cut the seat supports, some inner support and the seat itself.   Real wheels might be nice too, since I just stole these from other bikes hanging around the house.   If any one wants to let me borrow their drill press or router or give me two 12" front wheels, feel free!

I'm gonna have to redesign the inner part, to make it a little easier to figure out the supports, but that'll happen a different day.  I'm too tired to think and still have to vacuum before the landlady comes over :D

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