Monday, February 21, 2011

Potty Learning and Free Potty Charts

I couldn’t find any quick, free potty charts online, and certainly none that didn’t waste a ton of ink, so I made my own. The way I intend to use this chart is to give my son one sticker for every pee on the potty all week. Every time he gets a sticker, he gets a new a hot wheels car. We did M & M’s for my daughter, but my son is not really that interested in candy, so he gets ‘pee-cars’  :)

And without further ado... Here’s the results!

The first few days were slow going with no success. But once we got him to pee on the potty (okay still with his undies on) we broke through.  He was almost completely potty-savvy by the end of the week. The chart was great motivation,w but he didn’t want to do it day by day… which worked okay, when he filled the chart his grand prize was Mac!

Anyway, I've posted the potty chart I made here.  I plan to add some more variety as I get more time.

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