Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Fabric and Tie Dye

This week had me more excited than Christmas.  I've had several packages from co-ops arrive this week.  Cotton velour, bamboo velour, bamboo fleece, printed PUL, lastin, snaps...  Yes, I'm like a kid in a candy shop.  Expect a lot of new stuff hitting my shop soon.  I'm really excited to start putting up some of those nice booties (and making some more for Isaac).

My new printed PUL!

My new cotton velour (and what I intend to do with a lot of it)

Moving on, I really wanted to do some tie-dyeing with real procion dyes this summer.  Unfortunately, we didn't have any extra money so my plans fell through.  But, when all of my new fabric showed up just begging to be dyed and since we have a little bit of money to spare, I figured it was time.  Instead of buying the dyes I wanted to from Dharma Trading Company, I just bought a cheap tulip tie dye kit from JoAnns.  It worked  okay, but I still would like to invest some money into some nice vibrant dyes.

 Eve was SOOOoo excited to dye a shirt.  Literally jumping up and down for about a half hour.  I did the tying and she did the dying.  I think she did a SUPER job.  As you can tell it faded a lot after washing it.  We even used a 100% cotton shirt, and let it soak for over 12 hours.  I'd really like to use professional quality dyes next time.

Elijah needed some help with his, so I guided his hand as we dyed it.  Of course, I did the tying. As you can see, his faded a lot too.

The happy face was a spur of the moment idea I had when I was tying the other ones.  I dyed the mouth and eyes and Eve dyed the yellow, and Elijah and Eve did the blue and green on the outside.  I kind of wished I had helped with the yellow a bit more.  I'll try to get an 'after' picture up later.

This one is mine, and I'm super disappointed with it.  I really liked it in it's unwashed state, as seen above...  but I failed to notice that the t-shirts sold in JoAnns (right next to the dye, mind you) are 50% polyester, which gave some crummy post-wash results.  Bummer.  At least I'll have a new PJ shirt.

These are Issac's shirts.  The spiral came out well, but I failed to notice a couple stained spots on it (it was an old onsie we had) and those spots dyed oddly.  The second is a lightning bolt.  It surprisingly looks like a lightening bolt in that picture... but I don't think it looks so good in real life.  Both faded about as much as the kid's shirts did.

These are some of the velours I dyed. They dyed very well. The color looks great.  In the topmost picture of this post, the blue and pink velours are also ones I hand dyed.  These two right here are diaper cuts and will be made into fitted diapers to put up for sale on my site.  The heart is actually in it's post-washed state, and the color still looks awesome!

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