Sunday, June 14, 2009

Shorts and Buddy Bag

So... we have two wedding to go to this summer and both are in the south. I was having a wicked hard time finding an dressy outfit suitable for the hot south for Elijah. After lots of mis-sizes, long pants and sleeves, I settled for a shirt I found on clearance at Macy's and linen pants I found at the children's place (with matching Hat). We had a Blue tie, and matching vest (not shown) already at home.

The shorts were pants that I chopped off and hemmed. I haven't done clothes in a while. I'm still not a fan. I also changed the velcro on the tie to a snap, less scratchy, harder to pull off and it gives him a little bit more room.

The bag is Elijah's new 'buddy bag'. He loves carrying around Eve's purses, and Jon typically discourages him wearing them (after we leave the car- he doesn't mind it up to that point). It's made from the scrap from cutting the pants. I used one pant leg for the bag and one for the strap. At first I used a snap to close it, but I changed my mind. It'd still be a couple years before he'll be able to close a snap well, and he really likes using buckles right now. Plus, I wanted to look more masculine, like a message bag, and the buckle helps to convey that look.

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