Friday, June 5, 2009

Order Finished!

Yea! All 20 Diapers are now done. My goal was to have them done by Wednesday morning, but I didn't quite make it. I came close though :) I finished the pocket diapers Thursday night, but haven't done the inserts yet. It takes about 2 hours per diaper, so that was about 40 hours of work over two weeks. A 20 hour work week whilst watching two kids isn't too bad, right? Well, I'm happy. Here are the pictures of the finished products. Look nice don't they? $20 bucks says you can have one too (unless I know you, then you get a discount :)

Conclusion: Would I do such a big order again? Yes, but probably not back to back. The sewing only accounted for about 6 hours of the work. Most of the time was spend cutting and snapping, which is good, because I can cut and snap while watching the kids... So Jon only had to babysit a few nights while I worked.

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