Friday, May 29, 2009

Fold Over Elastic and Diaper Covers

It varied. I had to get used to working with FOE. The covers with gussets are more time consuming.
Cost: ~$1.50-$3.00 per cover
Links: MamaBird, Chloe Toes
I ordered some Fold Over Elastic from the This-End-Up co-op. I didn’t want to have a big order, since the last FOE I ordered from somewhere else was pretty bad, so I only got 5 yards of white. My mistake! I really like this stuff, it’s really soft and has a good strech. Luckily she threw in an couple yards each of seaspray, dark green and seaspray and brown bubbles. Still I used up my white instantly. I made Elijah two covers (my own pattern) and my friend a newborn cover with the mamabird pattern. Those turned out okay. I only put gussets in the NB one, and because that took some much time I didn't bother for the other two. It was definitely a learning experience for me.
There was a mistake in my CDMF order, so when I had another yard shipped out to me I ordered more white FOE (and seaspray PUL). I already used most of that white up too :) With the coordinating seaspray PUL and FOE I made a cover and two trainers. I wanted to try snaps for a diaper cover, so I used my one-size pattern, and I forget to make it smaller, so unfortunately the cover is a size large and Eli just barely fits in it (although it's still very cute). The trainers were easy enough to make, but both times I made the leg holes way to small so they don't fit well on Elijah either. I used a layer of zorb a soaker on a flannel liner for both.

I also made my favorite cover for Elijah. I made a new pattern using gussets, and a different snapping layout better suited for a cover and sized it to be medium. I was really afraid I wouldn't like it, but it turned out great! Yay, I ended up with something that fit Elijah right!

So my last project in my FOE adventures were two side-snapping covers. For the first one I drafted my own pattern from Eli's measurements and my trainer pattern. The the second one I used the free Chloe Toe's pattern. My pattern was tiny compared to her's (but I didn't find the notice to take and inch off the width until after I had cut the PUL). In the end, both patterns turned out a diaper about the same size. I should have tightened the front waist of the CT pattern more, but that was my fault. The CT diaper has a lot more room for "fluff" than mine, which I don't like, but I do like the stretch on the legs of hers much more. I still have some work on my pattern, but that will go on the back burner since I don't like side-snapping covers much anyway :-/

One thing I am bummed about is the FOE has been getting really pilly when it comes out of the dryer. Many times I find an aplix tab of another diaper stuck to the FOE, even though I folded them in. I so don't like velcro!

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