Sunday, January 4, 2009


Cost: $30
Time: 11 hours and counting
Links: Dollhoues Collectibles, Real Good Toys

This is the dollhouse kit we got for Eve. We found it on craigslist, and Jon had *only* an hour drive to pick it up, so that worked out well. Unfortunately, I messed up the email communication and we weren't able to pick it up until the day before Eve's birthday. From 11:30 AM to 3 AM I pretty much worked on the kit. The basic assembly didn't take long, but the painting took a long time.

The kit was in good condition. It's called Cranberry Cove, and made by Walmer Enterprises, which doesn't exist anymore, but is owned by Real Good Toys. You can follow the link to their page, it's under the Liliput collection. Unfortunately, It doesn't have the milled MDF siding, like shown in the picture above. I'd like to put on shingles, but I think the siding would be too costly and take too much time, although, I do think it would look amazing with siding. But otherwise, all the rest of the pieces were included. Even the nails, which I didn't notice until halfway through assembling it. (Doh!)

I still have to put on the windows and doors, and the front porch is taped on in the first picture, which was taken when we presented it to Eve on her birthday. She hugged it when first she saw it, but seemed a little unsure about it. But she's asked to go down to the basement to look at it a few times after her party, and today we brought it up to play with it unfinished (but I taped some more parts in it a little later, like stairs and walls). Eve definitely enjoys it as a house, and Elijah enjoyed it as a shapesorter :) (see the pile of "sorted" dolls under the stair hole)

So I still have a lot to do on it. I need to finish painting the walls, the roof, the porch, windows and doors. I'm planing on staining the wood floors and the stairs, and *may* make the stairs look a little nicer with an overhang. Then I need to glue the windows, doors, porch, walls and raw edges with smooth wood. I'm still debating putting on the gingerbread trim. Eventually, I'll need to buy shingles, stain them and glue those on, put in molding, and maybe make a bathroom on the second floor, but before that I'll have to make furniture. So far I've only made a bed, so lots more to do there. I'll keep posting pictures as I update it!

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