Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snapped One-Size Diapers

Time: 2-3 hours per diaper (estimated, I did each step together)
Cost: ~$5.00 per diaper
Pattern: It's a mix of the different styles of pockets diapers I own already.

I think I found a keeper! I've been working on modifying my diaper patterns for a while, and I finally found one I really like. The 'sky' blue diaper I made with my first pattern, and I didn't really like it much. The upper snaps were too close together at the top, not close enough to the top of the diaper and made Eve complain that they hurt. Plus the OS rise snaps made the diaper too small, as did the tightness of the elastic I used. I changed the snaps placement for the next pattern, added in a middle OS column, and made the whole thing longer and the tabs wider.

The pictures show the three rise setting. The smallest orange diaper and the blue one are on the same settings. You can see how the orange one is much bigger with all the changes I made. Elijah's (11 months) snap settings are on middle orange one and Eve's (3 years) is on the largest. All of them are shown stuffed with one insert.

The three orange ones were made in (almost) one night with the new pattern. I used swimsuit elastic, melon PUL and buttersuede (I can't wait until I get my CuddleDry Microfleece in). The orange snaps are from Serena's notion supply. It's one of her custom colors and match much better than the store-bought melon diaper's snaps I have here. I really liked using white snaps at the top and colored snaps on the body. It's less confusing to 'newbies', it makes it harder to see the OS snaps (which I never really liked the look of) and I really like how the contrast of white brings out the bright colors.

Conclusion: 4 down, 16 more to go! (AHH!!)

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