Monday, December 15, 2008

Ice Storm

Time: 2:00 AM 12/11/08 through 8:00 PM 12/15/08
Cost: The cost of the food in our fridge minus savings on electricity.

These are pictures from the ice storm that his New Hampshire pretty hard. That ice was really satisfying to crunch! We lost our power just before my parents drove up from Louisiana to stay with us... So I wasn't able to vacuum the house (Eve had gotten playdough all over and cheerios were smashed into the carpet from while I made those 3 orange diapers) or do any almost any of the cleaning/fixing up I wanted to do. Plus, I was planning on doing my Christmas sewing that weekend. And we lost a lot of our food.

But I did have a lot to be thankful for. We had heat from our landlords generator, and our stove was gas. We had food to eat and it was kept cold on the deck (until the last 6 hours of the outage, in which it hit 59 degrees- of course). We had disposable diapers on hand because of Eli's rash, our laundry was done and the cloth diapers had made it into the wash. Even most of our dishes were done (when does that ever happen?). We could charge our laptop/toothbrush/DS at Jon's school, and later we were able to hang out at a friends house who got power, and little later, internet. And most fortunately, the power came back on two hours before my parents got there!!! I vacuumed and cleaned (and put back the surviving food in the fridge) like a madwomen.

Still, it messed up their visit a bit. I was going to look up events to go to while they were here... I was going to get the sewing done, and I was going to have food they could eat on hand (rice/soy based foods for my mom and vegitarian foods fo my sister). So, besides the fact that they were bored, neglected and hungry, the visit went fine :) Oh well, at least now (Jan 1st) I'm starting to get caught up with everything.

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