Friday, December 5, 2008

Fitted Diaper

Cost: Probably about $4
Time: 45 minutes (I was in a hurry and I did a sloppy job)

I made this diaper because Elijah was having terrible diaper rash. His skin was peeling and he was in a lot of discomfort. I was trying to let him go without covers, but I mostly have pocket diapers. I only had two other fitted diapers and I was sick of pinning pre-folds on him, so I made this one to add to my stash.
The diaper itself is cute, but sloppy. My serging was terrible, and I don't think I used enough leg elastic. It has blue flannel outside, and tan inside, with 2 layers of Zorb for a soaker.

Unfortunately, it didn't help get rid of the rash. It was turned out to be a different kind of rash, caused by the cloth diapers only. Disposables have cleared it up fine. It's been a month and I still haven't gotten him back into the cloth, which worked perfectly because we would have had to put him in disposables soon anyway: We had a 3.5 day power outage, followed by a week of family visits, Elijah's birthday, and traveling to my grandparents for Christmas week, followed by Eve's birthday. (If you can't tell- I backwards date these posts, so I have a record of when I actually made the items) Anyway, I really need to troubleshoot the problems soon, so I can get him back in cloth. Suggestions welcome!

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